Helpful tips to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

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Well, the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season is done and it is difficult to believe another New Year is here.

This is the time of year that many people set goals or make resolutions for changes they wish to see occur in their life. As a way to assist those who are trying to do this, I suggest making a list of all the positive changes you have succeeded with during this past year. The change need not be huge, it can simply be that you added a new positive habit in your lifestyle. For example, perhaps you are exercising more than you did previously, then put this down on your accomplishment list. Or maybe the accomplishment was earning a certain certification, job promotion, passed a class or learned a new skill. It could also be a positive change you have made in your reactions to others or situations. Perhaps you no longer become angered by aggressive drivers or become as nervous in doing a particular task. These are all positive changes and accomplishments you have achieved.

Write at least ten things down. This list will serve as your own personal motivational coach for those times when you are trying to implement changes and might be feeling doubtful about your ability to do so. Look at this list to remind yourself of how much you have succeeded. Having a “Yes, I can attitude” serves as a key to success. Using each success we have achieved serves as a building block to achieve more.

Secondly, try to incorporate a meditative practice to assist you with achieving your goals. If time is an issue, as it can be with our busy lives today, try finding 5-10 minutes, especially before bed or upon waking up, just to center yourself and touch in with your higher guidance. While in this meditative calm affirm the resolutions you wish to achieve. Meditation can help you focus, stay calm, alleviate stress and act as a natural anti-depression. These benefits, when combined with using intention to achieve a particular goal, can assist the individual in achieving it. The chances of succeeding in something rise if the participant is calm and focused while undertaking the task.

So try these approaches and GOOD LUCK pursuing and ACHIEVING your personal goals and resolutions for 2014!

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