Do ya think you are funny?


Oh boy, how I love to laugh.  That person was so funny; I wonder how he/she comes up with stuff like that?  I would love to get on stage and make people laugh, my friends say I am real funny, I always thought of doing comedy but I don’t think I could.   Have you ever had a dream to get on stage or to make people laugh, enjoy the rush of the crowd, well if you haven’t your missing out! 

I’ve had all those thoughts that are stated above, and have took it to the next level. Today I am living my dream of being a comic.  My name is Keith Godwin and have now been doing comedy for the past 5 years and run a comedy company working with 100’s of different comics.

I made a statement once and said I would love to do comedy and someone replied to me, “Then, why don’t you do it”.  Yeah, why don’t I do it?  That’s a good question. That same person gave me information on a comedy school, which I then decided to attend, and I haven’t looked back.  I have no regrets and am going to share a few quick tips on how to develop material for jokes so you, too, can take your first steps into the journey of fun and laughter.

Even if you never get on stage you can take real life situations and have fun with them.  Instead of having them anger you, upset you or stress you out, you can now make light of them, which helps to empower you to over troublesome times we will all experience in life. We also think about the good times we had and now have the opportunity to share that with others and enjoy them even more.  You just magnified your joy, which in turn increases your quality of life.

Here’s a quick exercise.

Write down 10 things about yourself or others that provoke thought within you and make sure to expand on it.  Just put the pen to the paper.  Don’t think, just write.

If you’re married you may write about differences between you and your spouse, or even similarities that seem a little odd.

If you have a pet, put yourself in their mind.  Think of how they view you.  That can be funny in itself.

Where do you spend a good part of your day?  At work or at home?   Write about that!

My point is we want to share about something that’s relevant to us.  Listen up — here’s the money: We twist and exaggerate to make it even more humorous.  The most important thing is have fun with it. 

Enjoy your journey into a wonderful world of joy and laughter. 

Enjoy and keep laughing! 

Keith Godwin, CASAC, CEO and 

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