No Baggage


No BaggageEvery morning I read a bunch of emails from different sources that fill my mind with thought provoking, inspirational and positive ideas.

Today there was an email with a concept I had to share. It gave me a visual “aha” that anyone can use.

This article is going to be much shorter than others I have written, as the message is simple, clear and something we can all understand. It’s a “key” that can be easy to remember any time we might need it, and might just be the spark to shift a person towards a happier life.

The message: “No Baggage”.

What exactly does that mean?

How many people take “baggage” with them on a daily basis, reliving something that happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year… how many people blame someone for something in their lives? Do you?

I believe it’s the “Baggage” that keeps us trapped and unhappy. It’s the “Baggage” that may cause us to find fault, give us doubts, or prevent us from loving ourselves.

We cannot change the past. There’s nothing we can do. BUT, when we keep taking “Baggage” with us, we continue to live the same cycle.

Think about how reliving the past keeps us feeling poorly. We can’t change it. Maybe it’s time to take a second to STOP, realize we’re doing this, and let it go. Maybe we can forgive the person who wronged us or the situation where we felt embarrassed that continues to paralyze us.

When we bring “Baggage” to the workplace, we may create a sense of tension. When we bring “Baggage into a relationship, we create an opportunity of displeasure. How many times have you heard a relationship failed because they “brought their old baggage” with them”?

We realize we and others do these things, but continue to let history repeat itself. Perhaps it’s time to break the cycle. Perhaps it’s time to focus on what’s good happening in our lives right now and stop bringing the “Baggage” forward to today and to tomorrow.

I believe the concept is an easy one.

“It’s not that simple”, perhaps you are thinking… maybe it doesn’t FEEL that simple, but I believe that, sometimes, we make things harder for ourselves and for others.

Keep the vision of the suitcase with you as a reminder if that helps.  And, please reach out to us if there is a way we can help you “unpack”.

After all, it is time to enjoy life. It is Time to Play.

Love, Doreen

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Doreen Guma, MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC is a board certified healthcare executive, a certified professional life coach, the founder of the Time to Play Foundation, a 501c3 not for profit corporation inspiring everyone to enjoy life and author of If I Knew Then What I Know Now, Our Quest for Quality of Life.  The concept behind time to Play and the Time to Play Foundation was absolutely created out of LOVE. Please see for more information.

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