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It is time to show the world just how AWESOME you are!

Self-awareness and self-expression are the most important things we can learn.

Bring this fun and interactive workshop to your organization. For people of all ages – youth* to 99+. The workshop provides a fabulous t-shirt and tools to create your best life for yourself, your family, and your community.

Available onsite at your organization or institution or at our office: 1075 Route 112, Port Jefferson Station. Minimum 15 attendees

Information: | Phone: 631-331-2675

Testimonials from Our Participants

“I thought the program was very inspiring and different”

11 Year Old

“A very nice way to loosen up and remember you are awesome”

13 Year Old
I would like to share with you some wonderful feedback as a follow up to your presentation on Emotional Intelligence to my seventh grade students.  During your presentation, you shared with students a very informative power point on Emotional Intelligence focusing on different ways to address feelings.  Students were generously given STOP post cards to remind them to think before they act in order to avoid and prevent an action that they may regret.  Students still have those cards, and I have gladly posted them in my classroom to serve as a gentle and wise reminder.
Students also purchased the inspirational I AM t-shirts loaded with self-actualizing positive statements to color in.  Also provided were mini-posters replicating the t-shirts for those students who did not purchase a t-shirt.  Students absolutely loved the wrist bands too.
This week, we were able to spend some classroom time coloring the t-shirts and posters. We followed up this activity by filling out the Emotional Assessments and having an amazing discussion about how to best manage challenging life situations. Although some students were shy about sharing, they at least had an opportunity to think about themselves in a way that will help them prevent poor decision making.  They also learned that there are alternatives to acting out; one of them being to turn to an adult for guidance and help.
What I like best about this entire Preinvent Your Life Program is that it presents a Proactive approach to living life rather than a reactive one which is what seems to be the unfortunate norm.  The most important time to present this approach is as early as possible in a child’s life.  The preteen age is the perfect time as our young adults face challenges in navigating the moral compass of today’s society.
On behalf of myself and my students, thank you for your commitment to making the world a better place.
J. V., Educator,  Reed Middle School, Central Islip, NY
Teacher of Middle School Students

“I think it was great and I liked it lot”

11 Year Old

“The program was very interesting and helpful from the perspective of teacher to help others move forward”

55 Year Old

“I feel very peaceful”

43 Year Old

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