Grant Opportunities

  • Enjoy Life Community®:

    • The Time to Play Foundation will award a neighborhood in any location throughout the United States the easy to implement program and license for an Enjoy Life Community on a bi-annual basis.  This grant will include personalized community signage, publicity, coordination to implement the program, guidance for community leadership, on-line programming and 25 Enjoy Life Ambassador(tm) t-shirts.
    • NOTE:  For those communities who are not awarded this grant, a yearly license of $3,000 is be available to implement this low cost social intervention and community solution.
    • Please contact 631-331-2675 or email for more information.
  • PREinvent YOUR Life®:

    • Two (2) grants are awarded on a monthly basis in any location in the United States for individuals age 11 years and over who cannot afford coaching.
    • The grant will include a comprehensive on-line social and emotional awareness assessment that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.
    • The grant will include follow-up to discuss the results of the assessment.
    • The grant will include an additional 20-30 minute follow-up coaching session.  Note:  Additional coaching may be provided to the individual through this grant, as determined, based on the individual’s need.
    • NOTE:  For individuals who are not awarded this grant, an assessment is available for those 11 and over at a cost of $125, which includes the follow-up discussion of results of the assessment.  Follow-up 20-30 minute coaching sessions area available at a cost of $75.
    • Please contact 631-331-2675 or email for more information.
  • BExtraordinary® Essential Oil Unisex Fragrance | Make-up:

    • Makeup and/or Unisex Fragrance may be available to organizations based on their mission and need and may include organizations that deal with people recovering from addiction, depression, domestic violence, homelessness or other organizations that serve individuals or communities and strive to move them forward to create a better life.  We encourage you to submit a grant request in reference to your particular need for review by the officers of the Time to Play Foundation.
    • BExtraordinary® was developed to help reinforce positive thinking to remind people who have had a negative life experience or who have experienced trauma and feel “not happy as themselves / not good enough” that they can BExtraordinary® and that they ARE extraordinary!
    • This concept is valid and proven.  BExtraordinary® was designed to be a positive and proactive tool and visual reminder and reinforcement to enjoy life.  This visual and proactive tool was created in line with the concept proven by the Look Good Feel Better program of the Professional Beauty Organization to help improve quality of life and self esteem of those undergoing cancer treatment.
    • Please contact 631-331-2675 or email for more information.

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