Is Positivity Contagious?



Unquestionably, Undeniably, Palpably, Transparently, Emphatically -”YES!”

I love to spread and receive positive energy equally! My salvation has always been my keen ability to attract positive people into my life! Most recently, with Doreen Guma, founder of Time to Play. We both realized we share passions based on helping others channel the best versions of themselves. I go where I get good feelings. This allows me to teach, learn, share and grow every day of my life!

Another recent experience of positive contagion occurred just last week, and the three weeks prior. I score standardized tests for New York State each year. I usually meet a few nice people. This year I was at a table with seven incredible woman! We all connected strongly on so many different levels; intellectually, spiritually, and socially. Most of us worked 8-11 hour days scoring hundreds of essays and math equations for three weeks. We were so eager to help one another and share lots of traditions, habits and successful tools that we acquired over the years. We all brought treats to share everyday. We talked about having reunions and staying in touch. Our ages fluctuated with a thirty year span. Some retired teachers; others currently working. We tried to figure out what made this bond between us so strong. In the end, we decided it was our hearts that all synergized on some common level. I can’t wait to get together with them! This is uncanny, but I truly just received a group text from them as I’m writing this!! I haven’t heard from them in days! “Wow!”

As a special education teacher, field coach and addiction counselor, positivity has always been my strongest tool. I’m able to convey my confidence and concern for my students and clients through my own body posture; greeting and smiling at the onset of my classes and sessions. My chalkboard always read “Happy Monday! Tuesday etc.” with a happy face. I greet everyone at the door with the same verbal antidote. My smile, along with steady eye contact, meshed with my own enthusiasm; allows me to evoke interest in others. In return, I usually receive long, lingering smiles, and enthused, attentive students and clients. Warm gestures can turn boring or frustrating interactions into fun, progressive scenarios. My classes and sessions would culminate with me at the door telling each and everyone leaving to “Shine On!” I know this positivity was contagious because my students would shout out to me when they passed me in the corridors, or run into me in public places: “Happy whatever day it is!” or “Shine On, Mrs. G!”.

A physical example of positive energy contagion that I experienced first hand, was last year in a hot yoga practice. When I shared my frustration about mastering a few  poses with my instructor, she suggested that instead of placing my mat in the corner, that I should try positioning it more in the center of the room, so that I could pick up on others’ energy. Low and behold, my postures improved from that day on. I have learned to gravitate to those I want to mimic.

I can observe these aspects of physical results from energy contagion while watching my 15 year old son play baseball, basketball and football over the past ten years. When there was a positive, enthused coach at the helm, the boys banned together with a higher percentage of enthusiasm, teamwork and wins.

I remember hearing about a Global Consciousness Project at a Louise Hay Convention in Tampa. One of the science authors- either Greg Braden or Bruce Lipton spoke about coherent consciousness on the morning of Sept. 11th. Researches from Princeton University looked at a period beginning 10 minutes after American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower at 8:46 a.m., and ending four hours afterward. To visualize the data, they plotted the cumulative deviation of a chi-square test.There was a proven fluctuation deviation throughout the moments of the five major events, during which ever-increasing numbers of people around the world were watching the news in stunned disbelief. It was calculated that the odds of this happening by chance was 35 to one. Another interesting peculiarity in the data included one of those measures starting 4-5 hours before the first plane hit. This eluded to the possibility that humans possess not just a collective consciousness, but also some degree of precognition. This data calls for us to reconsider the relationship between the mind, the heart and the physical world.

I remember the amount of camaraderie that existed among people everywhere in the world for years that followed the devastation. This was another example of positive contagion with the massive amounts of helpful hearts involved in the recovery process.

Starting each day with a gratitude list, prayers to be the best version of myself; along with prayers for others, allows me to channel positive energy to embrace a new day. I ask my higher power to place someone in my path that I can help or inspire. I read my Louise Hay Calendar affirmation. I repeat it out loud ten times. I read positive books, poems and material for twenty minutes. My favorite authors include Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra, Greg Braden, Anthony Robbins and Joel Olsteen- just to name a few. I take a Hot Bikram Yoga class or do a rushed cardio session depending on my schedule.

I use my positive energy in all facets of my life. It helps my media sales tremendously.

It was a blessing when I owned a restaurant with hosting, public relations and staffing.

I remember telling Doreen Guma that I always wanted to start a “Happy Hotline”. She told me that I can experience this by hosting and co-hosting Time to Play’s “Empower Half Hour” which I enjoy doing very much.

My life is best described as the ‘highest of highs,’ and the ‘lowest of lows.’ It wasn’t always easy. When times get dark or challenging, and really, everyday- I always surround myself with people that are positive and support my dreams. I give the same in return. What a great “Pandemic!!”





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