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As a woman, all my life, I’ve coddled and placated people when things haven’t gone right for them, saying things like, “I understand”, or “I know how hard it is”.

Until today. 

I have reached my limit for being able to listen to the blame game.  I woke up this morning aggravated, which caused me to alter my approach.  No more sugar-coating.  We seem to need a reality check we need responsibility back.

Truly, I understand that things occurred in our society that have caused our new woosy-like, entitlement way of thinking.  I’ve decided not to list specific examples here today; however, it just blows my mind how we overanalyze everything instead of addressing the root cause of the problem.  Where did the question “how does that make you feel” come from, anyway?

Our society has changed, in many ways, taking us from being independent to dependent. Where is our sense of responsibility? We wait for people to fix things instead of us going out there, rolling up our sleeves, and doing it.

I started, first, for myself.  I had become tired and overwhelmed.  I started to become soft.  I realized I needed to learn things so I could take my life back, and then decided to build this project where resources could come under one roof to help others learn – the concept of people helping people vs. the “me” mentality.

The intention for is to provide resources that enable people to take responsibility for themselves.  To learn what they need to know to enjoy life.

A long time ago I realized that people stopped being proactive in this society.  It was always someone else’s fault they were in the situation they were experiencing.  Poor health?  Not their fault.  Depressed?  Not their fault.  Not enough money?  Not their fault.  Doing bad at work?  Not their fault.

Guess what.  It’s our fault if we don’t have the ability to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and fix it.

Maybe things didn’t come along as easy as you thought they would.

Maybe things aren’t always going your way.

Maybe “times are tough”.

Face it.  There are no shortcuts or leprechauns at the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold.

Hard work and determination built this country.  Look at the greats that came before us.  People were determined to succeed, to explore, to blaze new trails.

We seem to have gotten away from that philosophy.

Toughen up, people, and stop having a pity party.

Learn what you need to know so you can take control of your life.  After all, we’re only here for a short time. – resources for a better life.  It’s time YOU enjoy YOUR life.

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