Jumping to Conclusions

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No matter how much I read, am educated, or grow older, I find myself continuing to do this.  How many of us jump to conclusions because something "seems" like _____________ -- you fill in the blank. "She does not like me", "My boss picks on…

Follow My Rules - Or Else!

I'd like to share an undisclosed secret about myself, but only if you promise not to tell a soul. Promise? I used to have countless rules for other people to follow in order for me to be happy. That's right—rules for other people to follow…

Guided Relaxation: Journey to a Peaceful Brain

There is too much evidence to ignore the brain health value of reducing stress.   Whether you enjoy yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, or you find peace some other way, make sure to take the time to take care of yourself today. We are working…

How to Live in the Moment

Before I discuss how to live in the moment, I’d like to say that living in the moment is, in reality, our true nature. Yes, we were all born only experiencing the present moment. Interestingly enough, we continued living in the present moment…


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It was 1925, the Yankees regular first baseman, Wally Pip was in a dreadful slump, and a young 23-year-old named Lou Gehrig, replaced him in the lineup. He stayed in that lineup for over 14 years, never missing a game, and became one of the…

Ask Michael

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Did you know We can create any Cosmetic /Skincare products you desire with Be Extraordinary .. If you need Skincare. Head to toe. Make-Up. From Primer to finishing powder Be Extraordinary is one Stop shopping So Ask Michael. Michael and Doreen…

It Takes a Village

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IT TAKES A VILLAGE - You know, it is really hard for one person to do everything. It sometimes takes a village. So, what am I getting at? I started www.TimetoPlay.com to bring resources for a better life to others. I read articles - a lot of…

Making Shaving Easier - Michael's Tip

This one is for the guys shaving oil will help set up even the toughest Beard And "easy shave " will help the stubble stand up so it's easy to shave smooth Also a warm Wet wash cloth applied to the beard will help soften it And shaving with…

Make Your Eyes "Wide" - Michael's Tip

To create a rounder more open " Wide Eyed " Look add a white or off white line inside the lower part of the Eye on the water line and a smudgey line just below the lashes