A Labor of Love

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Today is the day the www.timetoplay.com site “launches”.  It is finally done.  And the TimetoPlay van is rolling!

We’ve worked on this for over 10 months.  “It’s done”, I’d declare.  But, it was not done.  We’d go back to the drawing board, adding this, adding that.  This went on week after week, I’d think I was happy, but I was never satisfied.  www.timetoplay.com, my midlife crisis project, never was able to showcase what I was trying to convey.

Through persistence, and some tears, we finally were able to evolve the concept — Resources for a Better Life.  I swore Leta, my web designer and my friend, who has truly put up working with me since 2005, would come and kill me in my sleep.  But she hung in there, like a trooper, to change pages, links, words, forums, etc., almost weekly.

I’ve worked in healthcare since 1987.  I’ve seen sick and sad people and situations.  I’ve seen people rely on drugs to help them through everything.  I’ve seen people who had been prescribed to take 29 medications a day.  I’ve watched and read literature as our population increases in cardiac illness, diabetes, stress, depression.  And, most of all, where we, the working people, don’t have time left over while trying to get through our day to have quality of life, or had worked so hard all our lives that, at 70 years old, are trying to do everything  to enjoy life before it’s too late.  Luckily I had an epiphany before 70.  At 45 years old I realized I didn’t have quality of life, either — that’s how it started.  My midlife crisis project.  My way to give back.  My way to start the “pebble in the pond” and get people to work together, give resources, help charities and make our own lives better.  You never know how far the ripple will go.

My goal for www.timetoplay.com is to help people — to provide anything I can think of — and more will be added along the way — with resources they can utilize to create a better, happier, healthier life.

From finding something a simple event, to finding a club, to encouraging a person to do something they love or have always dreamed of doing.  And, to inspire them.  That is my ultimate goal.  Life is short.  Get out there.  Do it.  Take the “Pledge to Play” — take 10 minutes a day to do something you love.  It’s a start.

Check it out.  Let me know what you want to see.  We all need to enjoy life.  After all, it is now TimetoPlay.

With Love,


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      TIMETOPLAY says:

      Karen, Thank you for your well wishes. I’m so excited. I’m on a mission to help the masses — to start something positive — for us working folk to make time to enjoy our lives. I hope you will contribute. If we all support each other, we can do amazing things. Doreen

  1. Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven, Analog and Digital Worlds Ambassador, Digital Age Storyteller
    Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven, Analog and Digital Worlds Ambassador, Digital Age Storyteller says:

    Just as I was telling my husband I was going out to play soon, I came upon your blog ‘Time to Play’. How’s that for serendipity.

    I am a huge advocate of play for both children and adults. In fact, our time is so structured for both children and adults that imagination has no space to explore and express itself.

    Hobbies, unstructured time, making apple pies or mud pies, whatever strikes one’s fancy, is so important and even crucial for our health and well being. I would love to be a guest blogger and share more of my thoughts to your followers. And of course, I’m eager to hear more about your ideas about play.

    In fondness and fun,
    ‘The Maven in the Hat!’

      TIMETOPLAY says:

      Alison, I would love for any contributions you have. The goal of the http://www.timetoplay.com website is “people helping people” — to provide resources for people to have a better quality of life. Today was the “launch”. It’s been a long time in coming, and I’m looking forward to helping as many people as possible. Everyone has something to contribute, and I look forward to yours. Please feel free to email me or call me at 631-331-2675 (work # M-F). It’s is nice to “meet” you! Doreen

  2. Keith A. Simmons
    Keith A. Simmons says:

    Great work Doreen!
    Performance Poets Association event postings are in process. We each have a creative muse hidden somewhere inside. PPA provides a forum for established and new Long Island poets and writers to present their works in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
    Bike on over to one of our events and show your stuff!

      TIMETOPLAY says:

      In our society, I think it is getting harder for the working-folk to have this. I am happy you like the idea. If you want to submit anything as a professional resource, with your vast experience, I’d be honored.

  3. Jim Ryan
    Jim Ryan says:

    This year I made a commitment to myself to play more golf that ever before. So far I’ve played 8 rounds, which is as many rounds as I played all last year. This past Thursday I received my reward. On the third hole at the Crab Meadow Golf Course in Northport in front of three friends I launched an eight iron from 161 years. The ball jumped off the club flying high into the air straight toward the green. The white ball against the blue sky was a sight to behold. The ball bounced on to the green, bounced again and proceeded to roll slowly toward the pin. It was as if time stood still. Rolling, rolling ever closer to the pin. Finally at that wonderful moment it dropped into the hole. I screamed for joy. It was the most exciting that that has happened to me in years. If you’re a golfer you’ll understand.
    I am convinced that this good fortune came my way due to my commitment to follow my passion, to incorporate more fun into my days.
    This commitment to having fun has not only brought me the tremendous excitement to this hole-in-one, but my business is doing better than ever. You see, my time away from the office on the golf course has forced me to focus more on working efficiently at my business.
    Make the decision to play. You’ll surely be a winner.

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