Update from a recovering boring-a-holic

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Woo Hoo!  What a weekend. 

I actually didn’t work over last weekend.  Believe that?  Here’s the recap: 

The wine and cheese on Friday was lovely — caught up with old friends I haven’t seen in forever.  I never made it to the bar to hear the band play that evening as it wound up being late after the first function (I can’t even believe I had two fun things to do on one night!!!).

On Saturday we attended the Special Olympics Polar Plunge.  What an excellent event!  So many people had such big hearts to raise money for these athletes.  Did you know it costs Special Olympics $400 to train each one?  Then, off to coffee with another old friend I hadn’t seen in months.   

Sunday was a bit cold, but also rewarding, as we participated in the Teddy Bear run with our Red Knight’s motorcycle club.  Smiles for children for the holidays!!!  And, then to a Thanksgiving Dinner with another group of friends.

So many charities, so many people with big hearts.  And, who would ever think you can have a bunch of fun while helping so many people (I did — I do it all the time — but it’s great to share this thought).  If you want to go out, why not make it a combined event with helping people.  If everyone chipped in a dollar. . . what a better world this could be.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, and I’ll be looking for some excitement for this weekend, too.  Once you get a taste, fun is kinda great . . .

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