Just Do It! Maybe it’s time to explore your passion . . .

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“I HAVE NOTHING TO DO!”  It’s starting already, and school is not even over yet.  Anyone who is a parent has heard this statement.  And, if you have never had your own children, you can even remember saying these words to your parents yourself.

My daughter, Jackie, is my youngest child.  She’s 16, and I realize it’s hard for people to make friends – not just kids, but adults, too.  I think it’s pretty hard out there now-a-days.  I believe that computers have caused us to become much more socially isolated.  And, where do you meet people anyway?  If kids don’t meet in school, is it hard for them to meet other places?  If adults don’t meet at work, where do you meet others – especially after the kids grow up and you have less activities that require our participation.

Jackie has an older boyfriend who does not attend her high school.  I think that has caused more social isolation for her.  Although I had encouraged her to join clubs in the beginning of the year, she did not want to do so.  She told me how the kids in her grade are “clicky”.   I explained that “clicky” isn’t necessarily “clicky”, but, as you get older, a way that people break into groups with similar interests.  For example, a person who loves motorcycles may join a motorcycle club or someone may join a yacht club because they love boating.

We had a pretty in-depth conversation about finding things you love to do – exploring a passion — for art, photography, dance.  Things that are of interest.  This is something that not only pertains to a 16 year old or a younger child, but an adult.

What do you love to do?  What have you always wanted to do?  I told Jackie to think about things she loved and things she may be interested in trying.  For example, she used to love dance class but hasn’t gone to lessons in many years.  Does she want to take dance lessons again?  Or, she had always been interested in paining.  Maybe a painting class?  An incidential benefit while she explores an interest may be her finding a person she likes and making a friend.

As we get older our passions may become buried.  So much responsibility — kids, work, taking care of things.  So little time for ourselves.  That’s why I started www.timetoplay.com.  To encourage people to take a little time out of their lives to enjoy themselves.  To explore a passion.  To see the beauty around them.  It doesn’t have to take much time, but what is life if you just go through each day without having any time to enjoy yourself?

Again, ask yourself, what do you love to do?  Many years ago I read a column by Ann Landers.  It encouraged me to complete my college education and Masters degree.  The writer said they didn’t have time.  They wanted to finish school but it would take 8 years.  Ann Landers answered where would that person be in 8 years if they didn’t finish.  That encouraged me to go back to school.  This principal can be implemented in everyone’s day to day life.  “I always wanted to learn guitar”, “I always wanted to go mountain climbing“, “I always wanted to write a poem”, “I always wanted to ____________”.

As I understood Ann’s statement, you’ll still be here (hopefully) whether you pursue what your heart desires or not.

Do it.  Don’t regret not accomplishing something you always wanted to do or achieve.

It is your “time to play”.

– Doreen

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