Want to be fearless, courageous and to find your confidence? Act!

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I am an acting teacher, but I prefer to be called a coach because I truly believe you can’t teach someone how to act or dramatize.

Don’t think you can do it?  I KNOW that anyone can act or become an actor.

 All you need are four basic things:

  1. Yourself! – You are the instrument
  2. The passion and the will to be public in solitude (have an open heart)
  3. The courage to try it
  4. The want and need to build self-esteem and to enjoy a better life

What I do is coach you in the basics of acting, lay the foundation so you can become your own builder.

Acting is much more than a profession.  It is a gift for anyone who wants to build confidence, discover their true selves, release their true emotional life, take off their masks, and take a journey to loving themselves.

Any age will do. It is never too late to act or too young to start. Grow, change and discover self-love through theatre, television, commercial or film acting, while having fun. Acting will open your creative heart, help you to enjoy life and discover free play, make you fearless, courageous and curious and so much more. Acting 101 basics include:

    1. Learning how to be in the moment
    2. Build listening skills through repetition.  These days, listening is a skill that has fallen by the wayside, and without it we cannot feel safe and confident to be able to play and enjoy the joy of all that is around us. It is never too late to learn how to listen.
    3. Discovering relationships and how to work off the other person.
    4. Find your faith in yourself through self-discovery exercises and believing in your circumstances.
    5. Discover your wants and learn how to get them.
    6. Take off your mask and see your true self and embrace that self.
    7. Build confidence through being part of a group, presenting yourself in front of others, completing a project through true creativity.
    8. For children it is about free play, scripted work, music, body movement, using their voices, senses and art.

Various theater games are used, music, emotional work, relaxation meditation, breath work, acting activities, performing in front of people on camera and learning to understand written material and act it out. Acting can be taught through one on one sessions, in a group through the magical world of skyping or face timing. 

Want to be fearless, courageous and to find your confidence?  Acting might be just what you need!

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