Every Vacation Experience is Different (or should be!)


We often get the question, “What trip would you take?”  I want our clients to understand that Chris and I believe everyone is different.  There is no “one size fits all” vacation experience.  It is very important not to judge what people want to do on their vacations.  By asking the correct questions, Chris and I are able to drill down to the essence of what they really want to do during that precious vacation time.  We create an entire experience around those details and expectations.  It’s like Travel Therapy!

I am currently involved in creating a unique vacation experience for a client that didn’t know how to juggle multi-generational travel requirements.  As part of the “Sandwich Generation” more people are traveling with their children and their parents, and hoping that everyone will enjoy the experience.  I think we can all relate to this!

They came to me for help and together we concluded that a cruise vacation fit the bill.  After comparing land vacations and giving them 3 or 4 options, I was able to show the extensive value of a cruise.  On a cruise, the kids will have age appropriate fun and they and the older folks will be catered to and everyone will get to enjoy nightly entertainment and great food that is included in the package price.  To build excitement for the trip, I sent them video brochures showing what they can expect.  They are very excited and I can’t wait to talk to them when they return.

Our services even extend to tweaking the experience while it is happening.  If the client doesn’t like the room or feels that they need something while in the middle of their vacation, we tell them to call or email right away, so that we can intervene and hopefully get them satisfaction during the vacation.  As Cruise Planners/American Express travel agents we use preferred suppliers. That allows us to book vacations with every confidence that our clients will be satisfied.

Your time is valuable and you should expect to get the most out of the vacation time you have each year!  As travel agents, we research and develop a unique experience for our clients.  This is our number one goal!  Korte Travel Online



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