Why are we here?

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Meet my Gregory.  He’s my oldest child — just turned 21.  This photo was taken at our celebration of his birthday.  I have two other children, Nicholas (18) and Jacquelyn (17).  So… 21 years (and 9+ months ago) I said to my husband, are you sure we want to bring children into this world?  It’s not easy out here (and that was 21 years ago!) and he said, yes — maybe one of them will fix it.

Gregory and I have recently had discussions.  He voiced his concerns on how hard it will be when he finishes college to find a well-paying job.  A job that will pay enough for him to live on his own and actually have enough money so he could eat.  He is very smart.  Always has been.  He knows a lot of statistics (like his mother — statistics seem to stick in my mind) and is very worldly for his age.  He talks a lot about the amount of people that are unemployed, the shrinking middle class and the shrinking opportunity in the job market.

But, what is opportunity really?  Sometimes I look around and feel we have lost our power to make things happen.  Maybe some of us are discouraged.  Maybe some of us have given up.  I want to see that change.

SO… with the knowledge that it’s not easy to fix things, and know I can’t leave it to my kids to do it on their own (it’s kind of a big job), I started www.timetoplay.com with the intention to get the ball rolling for us to change things — together.  I’ve used the analogy of timetoplay being a pebble in the pond to start a ripple.  Me throwing the pebble and people joining on board to change things.  To make things happen.  People working together to help each other enjoy life – to have quality of life.

I sometimes feel that we feel the full burden of the world on our individual shoulders.  We’ve become tired.  I think a lot (sometimes too much).  But, I did come up with this pilgrim philosophy idea — when we settled here in America, the new world, people depended on each other for survival.  I don’t believe that is the norm nowadays.  I think, today, so many of us are so isolated and alone.  I think we just are striving to get through the day and survive — to work, to feed our families — to just make it.   So many problems to face, and we bear our burdens alone, and that just becomes so heavy.  BUT, if we can work together, like the pilgrims – collaboratively – we can make things change.  We can rebuild communities and compassion.

Why?  In my case (and in the case of so many of us) we have kids.  We’re not going to be here forever.  I know I can’t leave things like they are and know they’re out there trying to survive.  We have to work together to leave this place better than it is for them.  I know that’s why I’m here.  To make a difference.  To make things change.  To help people to realize they have to help each other.  To collaborate.  To grow strong again.

WE built this country.  WE built it.  WE didn’t wait for someone to fix things for us.

WE need to make a difference.  And, that, I believe, is why we’re here.

www.timetoplay.com:  People helping people enjoy life.

Let’s re-empower each other.

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Embrace the timetoplay.com philosophy: You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance to have quality of life.  It’s time to Enjoy Life!  Check out www.timetoplay.com for resources for a better life.

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    I sometimes shudder at the thought that my 5 children will be growing up and raising their own families in this world. I pray all the time for them and this country. You are right, “We have to work together to leave this place better than it is for them.”


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