Moving Forward!

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What is the one of the most under valued secrets to success?  I believe its the ACTION of MOVING FORWARD.  Some of the greatest moments of our lives happen right after some of the most trying.  To many times we end up stopping just short of the turning point.  

Why does this happen?  Well I think the answer is rather a simple and straight forward one.  The reason very well maybe that things can get pretty darn difficult right before the big break through.

The greatest comfort we have is that there is always a calm not just before the storm but also after!  The key is to keep MOVING FORWARD!  The action repeated day in and day out!  

What is the easiest ways to do this?  Take life not just one day at a time but one moment at a time!  When they ask how do you eat an elephant, the answer is always one bite at a time.  The same goes for life.  How do we live our days?  One moment at a time!  

The secret is to keep moving forward!

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