Kicking Butt in 2015


Welcome to my Mentoring Message! I am here to help small businesses get their company “in control”, grow and expand it, or even just get it profitable!

So since we are still just in the beginning of 2015, what better way begin then with “What are you going to do achieve this year? ”To help you Kick butt this year, you need to be committed to your desire. Let me help you figure out where you are in all this.  As a coach, it is my job to ask questions- so let me ask you these…

  1. If you could achieve just ONE great thing this year – what is it?
  2. Why did you choose that?
  3. How will you feel if you accomplish it?
  4. What is the positive impact to your business?
  5. How will you feel if you DON’T accomplish it?
  6. What can you put in place to ensure your success?
  7. What may get in your way of success?
  8. How will you celebrate when you achieve it?

So, now you have determined the “1 thing” you want this year – where are you right now?  How big of a gap is there?  Once you know that, then you can create your plan. Once you have the plan, you can set the goals. With goals in place, then come the strategies. Finally with your strategies in place, you can begin to EXECUTE.

Ah…. EXECUTION – often where a lot of us (yes even me) fall down. That is why there so many “forgotten” resolutions. Yes, here we are in February and by now 80% of us have already given up. Why? Well, it boils down to the reason as to why we set these things in the first place. If you want to kick butt in 2015, then you need to really know the “why” of this goal.  Why is it so important, and how committed are you to getting there?

Attaining something you don’t currently have means you must DO something differently, which means you need to BE different. To BE different, you need to change something. Change is not easy. So, looking at your “1 big thing”, what needs to change?  Next month we’ll talk about making changes…

I look forward to learning about “your 1 thing” below, and all that goes along with it.  It’s my mission to profitable impact 13,800 or more small business owners by December 31st, 2017. I am ready to help you.


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