Kicking Butt in 2015

Welcome to my Mentoring Message! I am here to help small businesses get their company “in control”, grow and expand it, or even just get it profitable! So since we are still just in the beginning of 2015, what better way begin then with…

Moving Forward!

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What is the one of the most under valued secrets to success?  I believe its the ACTION of MOVING FORWARD.  Some of the greatest moments of our lives happen right after some of the most trying.  To many times we end up stopping just short…

Looking at Achievements - Here's to 2011!

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So. . . 2011 is here.  We have bucket lists.  We have goals. As a newbie to Facebook, I have noticed people posting when they are working on something or when they have finally accomplished "it".  I think that is one thing Facebook has…