Old High School Friends

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Last week an old high school friend “friended” me on Facebook.  I was excited!  It’s been 27 years since I graduated.  Wow.  I actually had to figure that out.  Time sure does fly.

I pretty much haven’t seen anyone since our 10 year reunion.  Last night I got an invitation on Facebook for a get together next week of members of our class who are “Friends” at a local bar.

At first I was quite excited.  But, as I think about it, it’s kind of intimidating. . . would I recognize anyone?  Would I know their names?  Did I do good enough in my life?  How do I look?

The get-together is a very informal thing – just a group getting together for the holidays to catch up.  I am privileged to have been invited.    I will not be attending to judge people and would absolutely bet they won’t be there to judge me.  And I am excited to see who might come, who has kids, and what they have done for so many years.

Do I have regrets? Yes.  I wish I had kept in touch with some of the people I knew so many years ago.  I did have some very good friends back then, but I stayed in my town while many of them traveled off to college.  I went to school locally and worked.  I became engaged.  It was a different life and I lost those old friendships.

Maybe this Facebook thing is a good thing afterall — how wonderful to have this new opportunity.  I look forward to meeting these NEW people and who they have become.

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