Response from Yesterday's Post Making the World Suck Less and Pursuing a Passion

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In as much as I can’t figure out how to get the comments to post on the wordpress blog so others can see them — if someone knows how, please contact me — I felt this one is something that I should pass on.  This was written by my friend Carol.  She, like many of us, is searching for how to enjoy life.  And, sometimes, due to circumstances (in her case she was laid off), she had the opportunity to pursue a passion to make herself happy.

Read on and think about yourself.  Where are you in your quest for quality of life?  How do you enjoy? Do you stop and smell the roses?

Response From Carol:  “Hey there all! Just wanted to share a little something with you. This may seem silly, but maybe not……
I was laid off in January and have been unable to find any work for the money I was making, so I decided to go outside my box. With my husbands help I have finally been able to “make” my heart smile. I have just started grooming school to become a professional dog groomer and maybe open up my own business in the future. I have helped animals forever and always wanted to help more. I foster when I can, heck I have given a cat a facelift before I had one done on me! Lol…..1,400 dollars later and his lip still sticks a bit and drools sometimes, but he is a happy fellow. My friend took him into her life so I know he is having the best life! :) He was left for dead when someone hit him and kept going as if he had no pain (his skin was literally ripped off his chin) and so many other cars just kept going as well. So sad, where did our compassion go? I also do transports from one place to another when rescue groups save a dog/cat from being destroyed usually within a day or two and heck both my babies are rescues. Anyhew, my point is that I am finally doing something that is meaningful to me. It is just in a little way, but better than nothing at all… right? I know my precious Mother Jeanette is watching me from heaven saving “it is about time Pixie go do something you love”. I only have a small piece of how BIG her heart was, but at least I know I have at least a little piece of her with me forever. I hope this all goes well for me, but if not I tried and I will continue to do so in some other way.”

I say, good for her.  She’s on her way.  We’re all here for a short time.  It’s important to make the most of it.  Pursue your passion.  Make it happen!


Old High School Friends

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Last week an old high school friend “friended” me on Facebook.  I was excited!  It’s been 27 years since I graduated.  Wow.  I actually had to figure that out.  Time sure does fly.

I pretty much haven’t seen anyone since our 10 year reunion.  Last night I got an invitation on Facebook for a get together next week of members of our class who are “Friends” at a local bar.

At first I was quite excited.  But, as I think about it, it’s kind of intimidating. . . would I recognize anyone?  Would I know their names?  Did I do good enough in my life?  How do I look?

The get-together is a very informal thing – just a group getting together for the holidays to catch up.  I am privileged to have been invited.    I will not be attending to judge people and would absolutely bet they won’t be there to judge me.  And I am excited to see who might come, who has kids, and what they have done for so many years.

Do I have regrets? Yes.  I wish I had kept in touch with some of the people I knew so many years ago.  I did have some very good friends back then, but I stayed in my town while many of them traveled off to college.  I went to school locally and worked.  I became engaged.  It was a different life and I lost those old friendships.

Maybe this Facebook thing is a good thing afterall — how wonderful to have this new opportunity.  I look forward to meeting these NEW people and who they have become.