Cyber Monday!

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Shopping!!!  From the time I was little I do have very fond memories of shopping — and sales.

Sales where my mom and I would wake up early and get to the stores.  One of the most amazing sales I experienced during my childhood was Baker’s shoes.  We would line up in the mall before the doors opened.  They would have racks and boxes of clearance shoes.  Shoes for $1, $2, $3.  Oh, my goodness! A shoe horder in the making! I was probably only 9 or 10 years old when we started collecting mounds of shoes.  At those prices, who could go wrong? 

When I started driving I would head off to Macy’s the day after Christmas — the store would open really early.  Even being exhausted after the holiday wouldn’t matter.  I would pull on a pair of sweatpants and head off into the cold morning to buy my entire wardrobe for the year for somewhere around $50.  Not even kidding.  Dresses or suits that were hundreds were reduced to nearly nothing.

Maybe the sales aren’t that amazing nowadays.  Afterall, that was forever ago. 

But, the thrill of the hunt is as alive as ever.  And now with even more places to hunt.

Besides the mall, the local stores and the outlets, the internet is a shopper’s paradise.  Just Google and you can find anything in your wildest imagination.  And Cyber Monday is another excuse to shop till you drop.

Good luck on your hunt for the perfect gifts . . . afterall, Hanukkah starts this week, and Christmas is only 24 days away!

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