Learning: The Key to Enjoying Life

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I think I’ve finally got it.  I think I’ve finally figured out how to enjoy life.  I had an “ah ha” moment (thank you Jim Ryan for the terminology of Ah ha moments).  I think the key to enjoying life is learning.

Here’s some of my thoughts on how learning can help you enjoy life.  I realize it’s kind of simple:

  • Learn what you need so you can enjoy life – there are so many resources out there.
  • Learn from past mistakes
  • Learn from life experiences:
      • Learn who you want to be friends with, who makes you happy, who makes your life better, who makes you feel badly about yourself and, therefore, who you should not “hang out” with
      • Learn what makes you happy
  • Learn what you can to make your life better
  • Learn what you need to make your life what you want it to be
  • Learn to be what you want to be in your career
  • Learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to do
  • Learn to live in the “NOW” and to observe the little things that you’ve been missing because you’ve been too busy to notice
  • Learn a new skill and how to make money
  • Learn how to eat healthy
  • Learn how to communicate with your kids
  • Learn how to be a community again.

I’ve realized, as it pertains to myself, that stress is brought about by the pressure we put on ourselves in our daily lives.  And, when you look at society, I think this has a big part of why people are ill or depressed now-a-days.  How many of us can be described as “tormented” souls.

So, I’ve determined that, at least for me, learning is the key to enjoying life.  And, that’s the true reason I started  It was my way to learn how to enjoy life.  I’ve learned so much, so far, from the amazing professionals that are part of this people-helping-people project, and know I will continue to learn how to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance because of the amazing things they write.

And, I have learned from the books I have been reading that have been recommended to me as part of this project, books I would never have read.  Learning is the answer.

There is a solution to every problem, and, as Eckhart Tolle noted in his book, The Power of Now, problems are created by our mind.  So, I will continue to seek out what I need to “fix” the “problems” that I have created because I have not taken the time to learn a better way because of being too busy or too overwhelmed.  You know you get caught up in the momentum of the day to day.

Through all of these resources, I’ve learned that I can be more in control, and look forward to continue learning.

I had a “woo hoo” type of day.  A day that was so long in coming.  And, I know there will be more to come.

I invite you to learn with me and join my journey of discovery to enjoy life.  It’s Time to Play.

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Embrace the philosophy — you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance to have quality of life.  It’s time to enjoy life.  Visit to find resources for a better life.

P.S. — Totally check out the discussion forum.  I’ve been working really hard to develop a discussion forum to include things we need to enjoy life.  It’s not a Facebook!  It’s a place to go and get what you need and then go out and do it!

Occupy Wall Street? We already had The Schwartz Report giving a voice to the people

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Meet Martin

Grass roots movements are in the news right now with Occupy Wall Street in full swing, but they’ve been around throughout the history of our great Country (example, maybe extreme, but: the Revolutionary War).

Meet Martin Schwartz, a man who has given a voice to the people and a place to share opinions — since 2002.  Martin had written for newspapers about politics for a number of years and was working in an office position in County government.  He realized no one was enabling people to have their voices heard without censorship, in an independent way.   The Schwartz Report was born.

The goal of the Schwartz Report is to educate voters in Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island and enable them to speak their minds — even in the face of obstacles or opposition.  Additionally, Martin hopes the Schwartz Report has enhanced the quality of life of people who live on Long Island, and he believes the site has enabled them to know what’s going on in Government.  After all of these years, the site is still maintained untainted and with a major degree of independence.

When asked about rumors or people posting untrue statements, Martin noted that, mostly, the site reflects true comments that should be taken seriously.  The site has a moderator that cleanses opinions or thoughts that may be detrimental to families or a person’s well being.  He said the moderators are not concerned if comments offend a person, as the comments are a voice of the people.

How does it work?  Users just go on the site,, and start a new thread where people will post comments, or the user can just read what others have to say and may post comments as they feel appropriate.  The site is a measuring device, of sorts, that may point out where problems are — a lot can be learned from negative comments or discussion.  The Schwartz Report lets politicians know if they are acting unfavorably on behalf of their constituents, as well.  Martin noted that he believes The Schwartz Report has even acted a “heads up” to some local newspapers, and has provided reporters with some story leads.

Martin hopes The Schwartz Report will continue to educate masses of people on Long Island.  He is planning on starting a business site in the near future and encourages people (like me!) to work to improve the quality of life of others.

Lesson learned?  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, as that is the only way things will change

# # #

Embrace the philosophy:  You have to be healthy, happy, have money and a work/life balance in order to have quality of life.  Check out the professional resources and information on  List your events, businesses, clubs, and more (FREE)! is a people helping people project.  It’s time for us to Enjoy Life.

Wanting to Make the World Suck Less

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So. . . last week my oldest son, Gregory, and I went into Manhattan to go to a social networking seminar.  I’m totally clueless when it comes to this whole new world.  Frankly, I’m more than lost when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest.  In as much as I don’t want to categorize, I think people in my age group are either too busy or too overwhelmed to really learn this stuff.  (Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s my gut feeling).

Facebook was invented by a college kid, and that’s the group of people who I believe are really taking advantage of using these programs.  Kids and people younger than me.  They’re “playing” online.  It is a bit of a shame, as when I was growing up I really enjoyed face to face conversation, seeing real smiles, hugging people hello and goodbye when we got together, etc.  I marvel at how my kids text their friends before they will pick up a phone now a days.  Hey, if I wasn’t so concerned about an emergency I would absolutely not even consider having a land-line telephone in my house anymore.  No one calls.  No one talks on it.

Nevertheless — back to the conference and what we learned.  There was a man named Alexis Ohanian there as one of the presenters.  He was co-founder of Reddit, a site my son (he’s 19) is totally familiar with and I still have yet to go on and check out.  He was talking to us about his  new endeavor helping the world through the use of not-for-profit fundraising he does on his new “Pig Bread” venture.  Why?? To help the world suck less.  So, he now sells books and other stuff and donates 100% of the proceeds.  He showed one example where they are building a school in a third world country.

I loved what he said.  It is 100% my reason for starting  So the world doesn’t suck as much for us working people, so we realize we need a little quality of life, so we find ways that we can become more happy, healthy, have money, and have some type of work/life balance.  After all, if you are missing one of these 4 things, there is no way you could have a good life.  Think about it.  You’ll realize I’m right.

So, we old folks need to stick together.  My concept for is “people helping people”.  You got a specialty that can help someone?  Become a professional resource.  You got a club that someone else would enjoy?  Post it and post your meetings so people can come.  Make friends.  Smile.  And there’s more.  I tried to include everything and anything that could help someone have a better life.  We have things to help some charities, too, and I’d also like to grow that part of the project with funding and awareness.  I’d love feedback and participation.

Hey, we built it!  Now we need you to use it.  Email me at or call 631-331-2675 to give feedback.

The site is new.  I didn’t build it for me.  I built it for us.  So the world will suck less.

Hope to hear from you!



Looking at Achievements – Here's to 2011!

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So. . . 2011 is here.  We have bucket lists.  We have goals.

As a newbie to Facebook, I have noticed people posting when they are working on something or when they have finally accomplished “it”.  I think that is one thing Facebook has given us.  A way to spread an accomplishment to more than just immediate friends or family.

There are those who are writing or have finished writing books.  I didn’t realize how many people I “know” that wanted to write a book or had written one.  It is pretty amazing — they have taken words of wisdom, something they love, etc. and put it down to share with others.  They have made “a mark”.

For others, speaking engagements, publicity, published articles — sorta 10 seconds (or hopefully longer) of fame. 

First thoughts — wow. . . how could they have done that?  How did they get contacted?  How did they get lucky to “make it”.

But, then, thoughts of sincere and heartfelt awe — they worked hard, maybe for years, to get a little recognition that they absolutely deserved.  Good for them!  Get far!!!!!  Ride the wave of success!

I feel proud that they achieved what they set out to do.  More power to them!  It is amazing to know that they actually achieved what they wanted to do.  They didn’t just say “I should have” or “I should do _______”.  They did it.  They achieved.

Don’t just think it or say it.  Do it.

I hope we all accomplish something this year that we can celebrate.  Make 2011 a good one.  I wish you much happiness, prosperity, success and achievement.

Happy New Year,


Old High School Friends

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Last week an old high school friend “friended” me on Facebook.  I was excited!  It’s been 27 years since I graduated.  Wow.  I actually had to figure that out.  Time sure does fly.

I pretty much haven’t seen anyone since our 10 year reunion.  Last night I got an invitation on Facebook for a get together next week of members of our class who are “Friends” at a local bar.

At first I was quite excited.  But, as I think about it, it’s kind of intimidating. . . would I recognize anyone?  Would I know their names?  Did I do good enough in my life?  How do I look?

The get-together is a very informal thing – just a group getting together for the holidays to catch up.  I am privileged to have been invited.    I will not be attending to judge people and would absolutely bet they won’t be there to judge me.  And I am excited to see who might come, who has kids, and what they have done for so many years.

Do I have regrets? Yes.  I wish I had kept in touch with some of the people I knew so many years ago.  I did have some very good friends back then, but I stayed in my town while many of them traveled off to college.  I went to school locally and worked.  I became engaged.  It was a different life and I lost those old friendships.

Maybe this Facebook thing is a good thing afterall — how wonderful to have this new opportunity.  I look forward to meeting these NEW people and who they have become.