The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

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I started reading The Power of Now yesterday.  I'm only up to page 14, and have seen some promise in this book as part of my journey of discovery.  Bare with me -- I have to ramble on a bit to explain things, and I'll get back to the reason…

Could Demi Moore Have Benefitted from

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So, yesterday my husband was talking to someone who described what they thought was.  She said she thought it was a networking site.  You know, that description does kind of describe it.  For anyone reading this, did…

Time for US to Make Things Change

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How can we make things change? How many times can we think that someone is going to fix everything for us?  Do we really think a new president will fix it?  The current one will fix it?  "The government will make new jobs".  "If we wait… Update and How it Can Help

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So, I was talking to a woman today.  She has been a single mom for 9 years.  Her youngest is 13.  Her oldest is 18.  She takes care of her family, works full-time, goes to school, and keeps everything together. And she is tired.  And she…

Occupy Wall Street? We already had The Schwartz Report giving a voice to the people

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Grass roots movements are in the news right now with Occupy Wall Street in full swing, but they've been around throughout the history of our great Country (example, maybe extreme, but: the Revolutionary War). Meet Martin Schwartz, a man…

It's All About Time

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As always, I'm thinking again.  A few years ago we bought a used boat.  The name of the boat is "It's All About Time".  We were going to change the name to something family oriented, but superstitions did not allow us to do so.  If you…