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So, yesterday my husband was talking to someone who described what they thought was.  She said she thought it was a networking site.  You know, that description does kind of describe it.  For anyone reading this, did you go to yet?  If not, please do. 

How is a networking site?  The intention of is people-helping-people.  Networking is kind of that – ok, here’s an example. 

Did you see Demi Moore in the news today?  Without doing a lot of reading about the situation and basing my thoughts on what the reporters were talking about, we know she is divorcing Ashton Kucher.  The reporter was discussing how she has lost a lot of weight and described that she may be having an emotional crisis.  They showed a quote from Bazaar magazine where she said something like she may determine in the end that she is just not loveable.  She is sad – and you can see that her current situation is affecting her ability to enjoy life. 

How could timetoplay have helped?  I’m trying to put together a place where people can go where they won’t feel like they are isolated or alone.  A place for any of us to get the resources we need to enjoy life. 

The timetoplay philosophy is you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance.  On the site is Dr. Gelber, a relationship specialist like Dear Abby, and people like Jim Ryan and others who are Happiness specialists.  OK, so Demi Moore might be an extreme circumstance, but she is a person, and, like many of us, she is struggling with life issues that prohibit her from enjoying life. 

A few weeks ago I had a podcast with Jim Ryan and we discussed how our brain can be our enemy.  We all think and stew over things which affect our day and more.  Did you read that 25% of the women in America are on antidepressants? In Demi Moore’s situation, she has money but she does not have everything in the time to play philosophy – in this case, happiness.  So, I’m working on to not only be able to provide people with information about fun, clubs they could go to, events (by the way, I need everyone to start inputting their information – events and clubs and activities into the calendar and clubs database so people can find them and come, too, so they can participate and be happy).  I’m putting together a place where we can help each other through things that timetoplay’s amazing professionals can offer and a place that might get us thinking on how we can make our lives better – to empower us. 

And I’m working on helping businesses and chambers, too.  Part of my thinking on this is that if you hate your job (or don’t have one) or you have a business that isn’t flourishing you can’t enjoy life.  There’s a new place on the discussion forum for a job exchange that I’m working on getting going, too.  If you have something you can add, or a job lead or need, please post click here

A networking site?  Yes.  To an extent.  But, also, an empowering site.  A place where we can all work together to succeed. 

We can’t wait for someone else to fix things.  We can’t wait for people to make us happy, healthy, have money or have a work life balance.  We have to work together to make this happen.

So, be part of the team to help 1 million people enjoy life.  Go on and offer something you know or do that can help someone else.

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Embrace the philosophy — you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work/life balance to have quality of life.  It’s time to enjoy life.  Check out to see all the resources on there and all it has to offer.  And, please contribute — you have something to add that can help someone else.  We all need to be part of the team.

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