The Power of Now — a journey to discovery

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Don’t know if you have had the time to join in / read the book discussion re: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, but I’m up to page 65.  Here’s what I’m thinking about so far. . .

There are a lot of thought provoking statements in the pages I’ve read.  And, I start to wonder about how I do think and the “chatter” which has brought me so many good ideas and breakthroughs.  So where do you draw the line of what is good or bad chatter?  How do you turn it on or off as needed? Hopefully as I read more I’ll learn more I’ll figure this out.

Here’s an amazing, thought provoking paragraph (page 46-47):  “As long as the egoic mind is running your life, you cannot truly be at ease; you cannot be at peace or fulfilled except for brief intervals when you obtained what you wanted, when a craving has just been fulfilled.  Since the ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things.  It needs to be both defended and fed constantly.  The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, the work you do, social status and recognition, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special abilities, relationships, personal and family history, belief systems, and often also political, nationalistic, racial, religious and other collective identifications. None of these is you . . . The ego’s needs are endless.  It feels vulnerable and threatened and so lives in a state of fear and want”.

Wow.  I totally saw myself in this.  Did you?  The pursuit of career, completing my masters, my job.  These things defined me, pushed me.  If I had a good day at work, I was in a good mood.  Bad day?  Bad mood.  HOWEVER, at what point do you need motivation to pursue a “life”, and at what point are you kind of a hump of flesh (very visual, huh?) sitting on a couch?  BUT, the state of fear and want sentence makes you think, too.  Is this pursuit what’s causing us so much stress?  What do we really need or want?  Is that what we need to evaluate to have a good quality of life?  At what point do we not strive?  I’m still reading, so, hopefully this will be answered.

The author continued to talk about the past, the future vs. the now.  The life situations we are dealing with, not the LIFE.  I’ll leave you with this:  (page 63) “Your life situation exists in time.  Your life is now.  Your life situation is mind-stuff.  Your life is real”.  The author notes that we need to realize that there are no problems, only situations to be dealt with now, or to be left alone and accepted as part of the present moment until they change or can be dealt with, and that problems are mind-made and need time to survive.

Hmmmm —

Book Discussion continues:  Go to Book Discussion

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Embrace the philosophy:  You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance to have quality of life.  It is time to enjoy life.  Check out the resources on to have a better life.

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

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I started reading The Power of Now yesterday.  I’m only up to page 14, and have seen some promise in this book as part of my journey of discovery.  Bare with me — I have to ramble on a bit to explain things, and I’ll get back to the reason I’m referencing this book in a few moments.  Trust me.

I have to start from the beginning a little so you can see where I’m headed with this.   In 2010 Doreen (by the way, this is about me — just figured I’d tell the story about myself in this manner to make it a little more interesting) was turning 45 years old.  She started to reevaluate her life, and, through situations and circumstance, started, her quest for quality of life.  Don’t get me wrong, Doreen has a great life.  A wonderful, devoted husband, 3 lovely children and a house.  She knows she has more than many, but there was a hole.  Having worked in healthcare for over 24 years, Doreen has seen sick and sad and people with regrets.  If you read the about us on the timetoplay site you will see that she noted that she’s always been searching, never seeing the beauty, joy, etc. around her — she’s always been just too busy.  And, at this point, she realizes she’s created this “busy-ness” as her reality.

We know that so many things get in the way of enjoying life — something I’m sure a majority of the people feel day-to-day.  We just try to get through the day, right?  Getting up, getting everyone out of the house, getting to work, being exhausted, heading home, making/having dinner, falling into bed REALLY exhausted, and starting over the next day.  Days become weeks, the year flys by. . . you know what I’m talking about.  Doreen realized she missed out on the little things, the beautiful sunny day, the smile, the bird chirping.  So, here comes the idea for  She has this brainstorm, “If I feel this way, how many other people are in the same rut?”

So, to the present — I (with a lot of help from Leta) built to help myself learn how to enjoy life, and I figured I’d take a million people along with me.  The timetoplay philosophy is you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance.  All these areas are so important, HOWEVER, you can’t just identify / realize that you have a problem or obstacle, but you have to learn things you can do and easily implement so you can fix the problem or obstacle and . . . bottom line. . . ENJOY LIFE!  After all, we’re all here for a short time. And so many of us seem to be tortured now a days — society’s gotten so many people down. No job, no money, struggling to make ends meet. WHO HAS THE TIME TO ENJOY LIFE? We have to make this a priority. We deserve to enjoy life. Think about it. We do.

I’ve built an amazing team of professionals from whom I’ve already learned so much, and I encourage you to check out the resources on so you can, as I intend to, have a better life and to enjoy life.

Back to The Power of Now:  I’ve only just started reading this book.  On page 12, the paragraph reads: “. . .The inability to feel this connectedness gives rise to the illusion of separation, from yourself and from the world around you.  You then perceive yourself, consciously or unconsciously, as an isolated fragment.  Fear arises, and conflict within and without becomes the norm”.  This paragraph is regarding enlightenment.  The author is speaking about a disconnect we may feel with our God, spirituality, or our being.  BUT, I also believe it is a disconnect between each other.  So many of us feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Again, re: job, financial security or bills, taking care of the family, etc.  Even if that’s not it, maybe we feel alone.  So many of us are so isolated today.  This brings us to the discussion of prescription drugs and how people are using them as a crutch or band-aid.  I have talked about band-aids before in blogs or things I’ve written.  We don’t look for the root cause, which is one of the goals for  Now we go to a doctor and say we feel this way or that way and they write a prescription.  Is is the doctor’s fault a person is addicted to a medication (see article I had referenced, Antidepressants used by 11 percent of Americans:

No, it’s not all the doctors, but US, looking for a way to escape a reality we can’t handle.  A reality society has created and we have created, ourselves.  If people were happy and enjoying life, I really don’t think they would be taking the medications to try to cope.  Other coping mechanisms people use to escape or pacify themselves are eating, alcohol, sex, exercise, smoking, anything in excess.  Anything they can use to try to regain control.

So, join me in my quest.  Here’s the place to join in on the discussion forum under book club and book reviews

Are you reading something that can help someone in their journey, as well?  Please post.  That’s the ultimate goal of  We all have something we can offer each other to help each other have a better life.  It’s time to enjoy life.

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Embrace the philosophy:  You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance to have a better life.  It’s time to enjoy life.

Could Demi Moore Have Benefitted from

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English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.

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So, yesterday my husband was talking to someone who described what they thought was.  She said she thought it was a networking site.  You know, that description does kind of describe it.  For anyone reading this, did you go to yet?  If not, please do. 

How is a networking site?  The intention of is people-helping-people.  Networking is kind of that – ok, here’s an example. 

Did you see Demi Moore in the news today?  Without doing a lot of reading about the situation and basing my thoughts on what the reporters were talking about, we know she is divorcing Ashton Kucher.  The reporter was discussing how she has lost a lot of weight and described that she may be having an emotional crisis.  They showed a quote from Bazaar magazine where she said something like she may determine in the end that she is just not loveable.  She is sad – and you can see that her current situation is affecting her ability to enjoy life. 

How could timetoplay have helped?  I’m trying to put together a place where people can go where they won’t feel like they are isolated or alone.  A place for any of us to get the resources we need to enjoy life. 

The timetoplay philosophy is you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance.  On the site is Dr. Gelber, a relationship specialist like Dear Abby, and people like Jim Ryan and others who are Happiness specialists.  OK, so Demi Moore might be an extreme circumstance, but she is a person, and, like many of us, she is struggling with life issues that prohibit her from enjoying life. 

A few weeks ago I had a podcast with Jim Ryan and we discussed how our brain can be our enemy.  We all think and stew over things which affect our day and more.  Did you read that 25% of the women in America are on antidepressants? In Demi Moore’s situation, she has money but she does not have everything in the time to play philosophy – in this case, happiness.  So, I’m working on to not only be able to provide people with information about fun, clubs they could go to, events (by the way, I need everyone to start inputting their information – events and clubs and activities into the calendar and clubs database so people can find them and come, too, so they can participate and be happy).  I’m putting together a place where we can help each other through things that timetoplay’s amazing professionals can offer and a place that might get us thinking on how we can make our lives better – to empower us. 

And I’m working on helping businesses and chambers, too.  Part of my thinking on this is that if you hate your job (or don’t have one) or you have a business that isn’t flourishing you can’t enjoy life.  There’s a new place on the discussion forum for a job exchange that I’m working on getting going, too.  If you have something you can add, or a job lead or need, please post click here

A networking site?  Yes.  To an extent.  But, also, an empowering site.  A place where we can all work together to succeed. 

We can’t wait for someone else to fix things.  We can’t wait for people to make us happy, healthy, have money or have a work life balance.  We have to work together to make this happen.

So, be part of the team to help 1 million people enjoy life.  Go on and offer something you know or do that can help someone else.

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Embrace the philosophy — you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work/life balance to have quality of life.  It’s time to enjoy life.  Check out to see all the resources on there and all it has to offer.  And, please contribute — you have something to add that can help someone else.  We all need to be part of the team.

Time for US to Make Things Change

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How can we make things change? How many times can we think that someone is going to fix everything for us?  Do we really think a new president will fix it?  The current one will fix it?  “The government will make new jobs”.  “If we wait things will get better”.  Really?  Look at the overwhelming problems  everyone is facing today.  Without becoming political, it does seem frustrating that no one seems to be working together to “fix” stuff.  And, truly, we know that nothing can be done alone.  A baseball team has to be a team.  A football team has to be a team.  Or they won’t win.  That is the same with all of us.  We need to be a TEAM.

It’s no wonder that so many people are defeated.  They have given up.  Some have stopped listening.

So, what should we do?  Give up, too?  That’s not what people in America do.  We band together.  We work together.  We become a TEAM.  A team committed to helping each other enjoy life.

No job?  Should we wait for some big corporation to come in and employ everyone?  Does that work?  Look at the history where whole towns have died when industry leaves.  Or, other times, big employers seem to have you over a barrel (a nice way to say it, right?) when they negotiate salaries and layoffs, and people have no choice.  How about people becoming resourceful and developing their own jobs?  Maybe they can employ others?  Maybe they can build a TEAM?

Let’s keep thinking together.  Americans helping each other.  It’s what we do.  We’re all part of the TEAM.

OK, so there’s more — we constantly hear healthcare is bankrupting our Country and that the obesity epidemic is getting worse.  Many people need to take responsibility for themselves.  If we continue to be unhealthy it will only cost us more in taxes to care for ourselves.  More in taxes means we have to pay more.  Paying more means we have to work harder or make do with less.  I challenge you to do something.

Here’s another one.  How many people go to bed hungry every night?  There are so many AMAZING organizations out there who help.  Some pack backpacks for the kids to go home with at the end of the school week so they have food for over the weekend.  These are band aids and patches.  Not solutions.  Can our communities truly work together throughout the year, not just at holiday time, to figure out what we can do to solve the problems we face?  SOLVE is the key word, here.  Sure can!  We’re a TEAM!

We can go into each area of the timetoplay philosophy but it’s not my intention to preach.  Only to motivate each of us into action.  To work together.  To help each other succeed.  People helping people.  To be a TEAM.

Not Happy?  Do something about it.

Not Healthy? Do something about it.

No Money?  Do something about it.

No work life balance?  Do something about it.

There’s not just one solution but a bunch of different things, working together, that will make things change.  We know the problems.  It’s the power of the people that will make a difference.

What have you done today?  Who did you help?  Let us know (this is the link to the forum – let’s start to keep a tally).  I am building a team committed to a goal to help 1 million people.  And, although many of people feel alone in what they, individually, are facing, we are all part of the team.  If we work together, that’s just the beginning.

It’s time to enjoy life.

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Embrace the philosophy:  You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance to have quality of life.  Become one of the team with a goal to help a million people.  It’s time to enjoy life. Update and How it Can Help

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So, I was talking to a woman today.  She has been a single mom for 9 years.  Her youngest is 13.  Her oldest is 18.  She takes care of her family, works full-time, goes to school, and keeps everything together. And she is tired.  And she feels like she doesn’t have time to play or  enjoy life. She is like so many of us.  And like me. is something that I and Leta have been working on for about 1 1/2 years.  Although I have said it is finished many times before, it was more finished September 24, finished enough so I felt it was o.k. to let more people see it.’s goal is to provide resources for people to find ways to make their lives better — how to be happier, healthier, have money and how to make their work life easier so they can have a life outside of work.  We’ve put together amazing professionals who can help in each of these areas.  The goal? To help people become stronger and to help educate them through tips and words of wisdom.  Education is power. is a huge work in progress, and I know it will always be so.  As overwhelming as this project might seem, I have begun taking pride in how far it has come.  I take pride in the professionals who have joined with us to bring the information to the people.  The fact that we just started the “Empower Half Hour” series that could bring one little tidbit of information to someone that could help them make their life easier.  The news RSS feed that has interesting information posted daily.  And professionals who join me weekly in my quest to bring people quality of life like Michael K Waterman who is so unique in his experience of making people look good so they feel better, or people like Doctors Ron Villano, Matt Gelber, Michael Aziz, and Karen Garvey . . . and the rest. . . who help so many.  This week, hopefully, we’ll have the new forum up where people can ask Michael questions.  We’ll also be starting the poetry corner and the book club — two things I’ve wanted to get going for many weeks.  I do not want to become a Facebook where people sit for hours and stare at a screen.  I really want it to be a resource where people get the information they need and get out there, make time to play  and enjoy life.  However, a poetry corner can become a place for self expression, self healing and comfort, and a book club that can be viewed on demand and provide a wonderful place to think and reflect without becoming a burden.

The site is a people helping people project.  Let’s help each other.  Send me names professionals who would be able to make a difference in someone’s life.  I’ll reach out to them to see if they will come on board to bring the information to the people.  I am excited that we’re going to be adding a decorator (so you can love your house), an organizer (so you can streamline your responsibilities), and a business coach (so you can set goals and prosper) within the next few days.

I’d love to hear from you.  What do you want?  What do you need?

Don’t forget to post your clubs and events so we can all pitch in to help people enjoy life.  And tell your friends.  The more people who know TimetoPlay exists, the more people we can help.

Let’s make this amazing — together.


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Embrace the TimetoPlay Philosophy:  You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work/life balance to have quality of life.  It’s time for you to enjoy life.

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Occupy Wall Street? We already had The Schwartz Report giving a voice to the people

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Meet Martin

Grass roots movements are in the news right now with Occupy Wall Street in full swing, but they’ve been around throughout the history of our great Country (example, maybe extreme, but: the Revolutionary War).

Meet Martin Schwartz, a man who has given a voice to the people and a place to share opinions — since 2002.  Martin had written for newspapers about politics for a number of years and was working in an office position in County government.  He realized no one was enabling people to have their voices heard without censorship, in an independent way.   The Schwartz Report was born.

The goal of the Schwartz Report is to educate voters in Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island and enable them to speak their minds — even in the face of obstacles or opposition.  Additionally, Martin hopes the Schwartz Report has enhanced the quality of life of people who live on Long Island, and he believes the site has enabled them to know what’s going on in Government.  After all of these years, the site is still maintained untainted and with a major degree of independence.

When asked about rumors or people posting untrue statements, Martin noted that, mostly, the site reflects true comments that should be taken seriously.  The site has a moderator that cleanses opinions or thoughts that may be detrimental to families or a person’s well being.  He said the moderators are not concerned if comments offend a person, as the comments are a voice of the people.

How does it work?  Users just go on the site,, and start a new thread where people will post comments, or the user can just read what others have to say and may post comments as they feel appropriate.  The site is a measuring device, of sorts, that may point out where problems are — a lot can be learned from negative comments or discussion.  The Schwartz Report lets politicians know if they are acting unfavorably on behalf of their constituents, as well.  Martin noted that he believes The Schwartz Report has even acted a “heads up” to some local newspapers, and has provided reporters with some story leads.

Martin hopes The Schwartz Report will continue to educate masses of people on Long Island.  He is planning on starting a business site in the near future and encourages people (like me!) to work to improve the quality of life of others.

Lesson learned?  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, as that is the only way things will change

# # #

Embrace the philosophy:  You have to be healthy, happy, have money and a work/life balance in order to have quality of life.  Check out the professional resources and information on  List your events, businesses, clubs, and more (FREE)! is a people helping people project.  It’s time for us to Enjoy Life.

It's All About Time

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As always, I’m thinking again. 

A few years ago we bought a used boat.  The name of the boat is “It’s All About Time”.  We were going to change the name to something family oriented, but superstitions did not allow us to do so.  If you change a boat name you have to re-christen it.  With a fear of sinking, we decided to just let it be.  So, we’re put “It’s All About Time” into the water for the past few years, not using it as much as we would like because, well, we just don’t have the time.

Time.  It is the center of everything we do.  “It’s all about time”.  How many times do we hear or say:  What Time is it?  Do you have the Time?  I didn’t finish – I ran out of Time.  I’d love to, but I don’t have the Time.  Where did the Time go?  There’s never enough Time.  Time management.  Time savings tips.  Time to sleep.  Time to wake up.  Time for work.  Sick Time.  Vacation Time.  Time to go home.  Time goes so fast.  You get the idea.

Time to Play.  The idea came to me a year ago during Americade, a motorcycle rally we had attended.  We wanted to go for years and finally booked the trip and went.  At 45 and 47 years old we were pretty much the youngest people there.  I looked around.  There were people “playing”.  They were doing something they loved and having a great time.  I thought about something my mother-in-law said  to me that repeats in my mind all the time.  My in-laws are retired and take a lot of trips.  Why?  To get it all in (bucket list) before they can’t do it.  They are taking time to play.  The people at Americade were taking time to play.  I realized that I needed to take time to play.  Something that I don’t generally do.  I work.  I think.  Actually, I really don’t know how to play, but I’m trying. 

It’s All About Time.  What’s important?  What brings happiness?  So, as it has been right in front of me, I realize it is all about time.  What do you spend your day doing?  Is it something you want to do?  Something that makes you healthy? Something that makes you happy?  Something that makes you financially stable?  Something that brings balance to your life?

I’d like to talk to people about how they spend their time.  What brings them enjoyment.  What things did they cross off their bucket list.  What do they do to save time so they can have time to play. 

It’s all about time, and it’s time to play.

Email me:

# # # is a website in progress for over a year with a goal to help people have a better quality of life.  We are looking for contributors to be professional resources that have information on happiness, health, financial and work/life balance.  We also need people to add their clubs and events so people can find camraderie and companionship.  Please go to to add your stuff — hey, we built it!  Now we need you to use it!