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So, I was talking to a woman today.  She has been a single mom for 9 years.  Her youngest is 13.  Her oldest is 18.  She takes care of her family, works full-time, goes to school, and keeps everything together. And she is tired.  And she feels like she doesn’t have time to play or  enjoy life. She is like so many of us.  And like me.

TimetoPlay.com is something that I and Leta have been working on for about 1 1/2 years.  Although I have said it is finished many times before, it was more finished September 24, finished enough so I felt it was o.k. to let more people see it. www.timetoplay.com’s goal is to provide resources for people to find ways to make their lives better — how to be happier, healthier, have money and how to make their work life easier so they can have a life outside of work.  We’ve put together amazing professionals who can help in each of these areas.  The goal? To help people become stronger and to help educate them through tips and words of wisdom.  Education is power.

www.TimetoPlay.com is a huge work in progress, and I know it will always be so.  As overwhelming as this project might seem, I have begun taking pride in how far it has come.  I take pride in the professionals who have joined with us to bring the information to the people.  The fact that we just started the “Empower Half Hour” series that could bring one little tidbit of information to someone that could help them make their life easier.  The news RSS feed that has interesting information posted daily.  And professionals who join me weekly in my quest to bring people quality of life like Michael K Waterman who is so unique in his experience of making people look good so they feel better, or people like Doctors Ron Villano, Matt Gelber, Michael Aziz, and Karen Garvey . . . and the rest. . . who help so many.  This week, hopefully, we’ll have the new forum up where people can ask Michael questions.  We’ll also be starting the poetry corner and the book club — two things I’ve wanted to get going for many weeks.  I do not want timetoplay.com to become a Facebook where people sit for hours and stare at a screen.  I really want it to be a resource where people get the information they need and get out there, make time to play  and enjoy life.  However, a poetry corner can become a place for self expression, self healing and comfort, and a book club that can be viewed on demand and provide a wonderful place to think and reflect without becoming a burden.

The www.timetoplay.com site is a people helping people project.  Let’s help each other.  Send me names professionals who would be able to make a difference in someone’s life.  I’ll reach out to them to see if they will come on board to bring the information to the people.  I am excited that we’re going to be adding a decorator (so you can love your house), an organizer (so you can streamline your responsibilities), and a business coach (so you can set goals and prosper) within the next few days.

I’d love to hear from you.  What do you want?  What do you need?

Don’t forget to post your clubs and events so we can all pitch in to help people enjoy life.  And tell your friends.  The more people who know TimetoPlay exists, the more people we can help.

Let’s make this amazing — together.


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Embrace the TimetoPlay Philosophy:  You have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work/life balance to have quality of life.  It’s time for you to enjoy life.

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