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Playing and Travel Are Good for Your Brain

Traveling, in general, rolls so many of those brain healthy activities together — being social, learning new things, moving outside your comfort zones, exploring your own limits.   Add to that photography, physical activity, and a purpose and you have a recipe for an amazing brain boosting adventure.   My husband and I did just […]

Finding a Purposeful Midlife: Volunteer Vacations!

On my quest to find meaningful and purposeful ways for Baby Boomers to spend time, I stumbled on something and someone “truly amazing”: Global Volunteers and its co-founder Michele Gran. As I dug through the organizational literature, I found that this nonprofit runs volunteer projects around the world – each one making a significant difference […]

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Brain Benefits of Volunteer Vacations and Citizen Science: Boomer Options

Being Purposeful and traveling are two of the most robust paths to keeping your brain firing and engaged.  So think about this…. The world of travel is about to face an incredible opportunity — millions of Baby Boomers looking to fill their lives with purposeful, constructive, educational experiences that make them feel alive. I am […]



We have known for a long time that the best way to stay mentally sharp is to keep thinking. The “use it or lose it” principle is pretty sound – firing the electrical and chemical connections in your brain helps keep: brains healthy and functioning at a higher level. The oldest and most common method […]