How to Create a Happy Family submitted by Rossy Mercedes


Article I.               :Kids who have dinner with their families do better across every conceivable matrix. They are less likely to drink, smoke, do drugs, get pregnant or commit suicide.

Article II.        Share the Family History. Children who know  the stories of those who came before them have higher self-esteem and a sense of control over their family functions

Article III.               REDUCE  STRESS:  Ellen Galinsky, President and Co-founder of  Families and Work Institute asked children if they were granted one wish about your parents what would it be. Most parents predicted that their kids would say they wanted to spend more time with them. They were wrong. The kids #1 wish was that their parents be less tires and less stressed.

Article IV.             Having a Sense of Community. Are Religious families happier? According to Robert Putnam, author of “Our Kids -The american Dream in Crisis” It doesn’t matter what there religious affiliation it’s the friends that that religious community provides that gives you the sense of community . So it doesn’t matter what religion you practice , or how close you feel to God, it makes no difference in your overall life satisfaction. What does make a difference is the number of friends you have in said community. 10 being the magic number in this case. If you have that many friends you will be happier because you feel connected to a community.

ARTICLE V. Empowering our Kids,

Scientists at the University of California found that kids who were allowed to plan their own time, set weekly goals, and evaluate their own work build up their pre-frontal cortex and other parts of the brain that help them exert greater cognitive control over their lives. And lastly Grandmoms have super powers. Countless of studies have shown the extraordinary benefits of having her around. Mothers who have more support have less stress and more well adjusted children.


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