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CHECKING ANTIOXIDENT LEVELS- Part IV of the How to Reduce Your 1 in 3 Chance of Cancer, by Melissa Stockman

Antioxidants fight free radicals.  Different antioxidants perform different jobs.   For example, vitamin C (an antioxidant) stops the chain reactions while vitamin E breaks the chain reactions.  Studies have showed that Vitamin E  lowers  risk of CAD & increases life span.  Since different antioxidants help differently, it’s important to ingest a wide variety of antioxidants.  Different […]

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How Can You Reduce Your 1 in 3 Cancer Risk Part 3, What Do Antioxidants Do by Melissa Stockman

How can you reduce your 1 in 3 cancer risk?  Part 3:  What do antioxidants do? By Melissa Stockman RN, BC-ANP, PNP                                                                                                            Medical Director of TimeToPlay ,                                                                                                                       Board Certified Nurse Practitioner & RN                                                                                            Email: rejuvn8melissa@aol.com According to the NCI (National Cancer Institute), “At high concentrations, ….free radicals can be hazardous to your body, including the DNA…The […]