It Takes a Village

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IT TAKES A VILLAGE – You know, it is really hard for one person to do everything. It sometimes takes a village. So, what am I getting at? I started to bring resources for a better life to others. I read articles – a lot of them – and it has been noted that 2/3 of Americans are not happy. That’s not an acceptable statistic. It my mind it’s time for us to stick together, to work together, to make things change.

Can one person initiate change? I believe one person can “plant a seed”, but, in my mind, it takes a village. For people to decide that they no longer should be silent and that it’s time to join together to find ways to make their lives better — individually and as a whole.

I know it’s so much easier for us to just ignore what’s going on around us and go on each day the way things are. My vision? A “grass roots” movement to enjoy life. If not for us, then what about helping make things better for our children’s future? With 3 kids of my own, the youngest 18 years old, I know there’s much that they will need so they can enjoy their lives, too.

That’s truly the driving passion behind my whole project, and the book, If I Knew Then What I Know Now ( To provide resources for myself and others so we can learn what we need to know so we can enjoy life and then go out there and “do it”!

Sound crazy? Maybe…. but I know it takes a village. People helping people.

Join me. Contact me. Share the website. Share the facebook page. Send me suggestions, join the team. Together we can make things change for ourselves and our children. It’s time to Enjoy Life.

Embrace the Time to Play Philosophy – you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work life balance for quality of life. = Resources for a better life. It’s time to Enjoy YOUR Life!

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