Sober and Happy Holidays!


sober holidays   The Holidays can be a challenging time for millions of people recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. People, places and things around holiday festivities can be triggers for relapse. 

Here are some tips you may consider that may be helpful for you.

  • Find new ways to celebrate! Host a party with your friends in recovery. Plan some fun recipes with non-alcoholic drinks and delicious foods.
  • Stay connected and share your triggers with someone close; you’re not alone-pick up the phone! 
  • Set boundaries with your friends and family members. Share where your head is at, and plan ahead together for family gatherings.
  • Watch for certain foods that may have alcohol-just the taste can be a trigger at times. Learn to say “No” in away that is comfortable for you.
  • Give yourself a little extra self care. Take some quiet time and work on an attitude of gratitude.
  • Smile-it’s definitely contagious!
  • Get involved in helping others; it takes us out of our own head at times. Help the family with whatever needs to get done.
  • Leave your judgement at the door, and don’t take things personally. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments!
  • Focus on positive people and things. Be good to you! Then you can be there for others.
  • Dress nice, feel good, share hugs, learn something new, teach someone something, stay true to you!



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