Sun Safety – Protect Yourself – Burn Now, Pay later !


protect your skinHello All!  Even in the cooler temperatures, it’s important to be Sun Smart

Whoaaaaa Michael!  What do you mean, you ask?

Simple.  SPF Up!

The Sun Feels Wonderful.  We need, however, to protect our extremely vulnerable skin From the damaging rays, and there are so many ways to do that.

Sunblock comes in lotions, creams, powders and sprays …

S.P.F Sun Protection Factor, which, as I have say to my clients for years, is based on the measurement of time it takes your skin to get burned without protection… So SPF 15 (a total Block BTW) means you  will be less likely to burn with 15x more protection and at a much slower rate (you need to reapply any sunblock at least two hours after first application) …

And remember, it’s not just outside.  The Sunburn is obvious, but the Lights in your home and office als do damage to your skin, so SPF up even if your indoors (who wants to look older than you have To!).

There are several kinds of sun blocks, natural or organic, elemental sources or chemical sun blocks.  All are effective.

The Physical Sun Blocks Work immediately … (they are my Favorites ).  The Chemical Sunblocks take 20 minutes to half hour to become effective.

And, you have to be comfortable with your choices.

Remember, sun block comes in all forms — from lip balm to tinted moisturizer, to sprays and body and face lotions, all which are wise choices.

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