Why Drinking Simply Orange Juice is Anything But Simple


Many consumers today are trying to find more natural, organic foods.  If you are one of them Bravo!  If Not, you may want to keep reading, particularly if you have this popular orange juice hanging out in your fridge.

First things first, most people think orange juice is freshly squeezed, pasteurized, and then bottled and shipped, and that may be the case for  some companies out there, but not Simply Orange.  Manufactured by Coca Cola, Bloomburg’s Business Week has dubbed the juice “Hyper Engineered and a daunting industrial product”.  This nutritionist does not like hearing the word “industrial” and juice in the same sentence.  When a juice is pasteurized, it is heated to high temperatures to starve off bacteria, and things which is seemingly good, but in the process, this concentrates the sugar in the juice (ever notice how fresh squeezed orange juice isn’t quite as sweet?) and also kills all of the vitamin C.  But not to worry, most orange juice companies will add some vitamin C back in after they have collectively sucked it all out!

But Simply Orange is a beast of its own.  Seriously, I don’t think it is cool to drink orange juice that has been pumped through pipes, treated with nitrogen gas and needs a special “black book” of rules for it to pass inspection. I’m not kidding, read on:


If you want to buy a good high quality juice I recommend Noble Organic Juice, some Organic equivalent, or even better – eat an actual orange.  Most people don’t know that all of that wonderful vitamin C is actually found in the pith (white portion) of the orange.  So the next time you eat one, be sure to leave a bit of that good stuff on.  Fresh squeezed juice is an excellent option too, and many people are juicing today.  You can by a fantastic, high watt juicer in Target for only $30.00. 

So, now that you have an idea of how orange juice is really made, what will you choose?

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