Time To Play: Poem


Time To Play:  A Poem

Why should I put my life on hold

When I have today;

A time to love, a time to learn,

And a time to play.

Lisa-Hill-Balance-ScalesWhy should I keep my creativity

Hidden on a shelf?

When I can share it with the world,

And seek a higher self.

Why wait another minute?

Postpone another hour?

When I can start right now;

What invigorating power!

Allow the light to shine,

Believe it will come through;

Take some quiet time to think

Of all you’d like to do.

To make a difference in this world

Starting with fabulous you;

Begin a journey of love and light

By just being true.

Begin to live a balanced life;

To yourself just say:

“I have time to love and learn

And the time to play!”    

                                                                  -Stacy Lee

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