What's Your Excuse?

We’re excuse people. It’s so easy to find them isn’t it? The chit-chat in our head that says things like, “I’m going to exercise, but not now because (insert excuse)”, “I really need a vacation, but can’t, because (insert excuse).”, “I have to eat healthier, but can’t start now, because (insert excuse here).”
Creating and keeping a healthy lifestyle can be hard, and I’ll admit that I find it hard sometimes too. Sure it would be easier to just eat what I want, and not be active. I have seen too many people die or lose their quality of life over diet and exercise preventable illnesses. I’m sure you also know people with a diet and exercise preventable illness, maybe even close family members. Maybe “your” quality of life is diminished because of your health. Why settle, and just move through your day, making excuses for less of a life than you deserve?
Breathing happens whether we think about it or not. Would you rather let the breath just be, or make the conscious choice to BREATHE, drawing in every bit of oxygen into your body, feeling really energized and truly alive, knowing that you have the power to control that breath and make “choices” not excuses.
Excuses are our enemy. When the chit-chat starts, cut it down immediately, and find a solution to overcome the excuse. I help my clients do that all the time, and to date, have not had any issue that didn’t have a healthy solution.
Stay tuned for my next article where I will share solutions that worked for my clients, and that helped me create a happier and healthier life and lose over 100 pounds.
If you really want it, you find it, or find someone that can help you find it. No excuses!

To your health and happiness,

Tami Racaniello is the NYC Director for Get Waisted, and President of It’s Time to Get Fit Inc, providing corporate wellness and nutrition programs for groups and individuals that want to supercharge their life!

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