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What's Your Excuse?

We’re excuse people. It’s so easy to find them isn’t it? The chit-chat in our head that says things like, “I’m going to exercise, but not now because (insert excuse)”, “I really need a vacation, but can’t, because (insert excuse).”, “I have to eat healthier, but can’t start now, because (insert excuse here).” Creating and […]

Thank You Maya Angelou

I’ll never forget the first time I read something by Maya Angelou. It was a number of years ago. I had been in New York City, and found a used bookstore. Bookstores are something I rarely pass up, and used bookstores are a treat for me. I love finding old editions of books, and also […]

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What's Your Squeaky Toy?

By Tami Racaniello CPFT-HFI My formerly extremely active dog, has been not her usual self. During an exam the vet “felt something”. Further testing showed that my Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix, Jacki, had a tumor the size of a lemon. Due to the location, the 50/50 odds given for her survival during surgery, and the […]

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I was recently on a ferry, traveling to Connecticut, and I noticed a young boy repeatedly lifting and lowering himself between two tables that were close to one another. He was having a great time! Look on any playground, and you’ll see children running, jumping, climbing, and having fun. Most adults doing the same things […]



A smoothie is great for a quick nutritious breakfast, or a healthy pick-me-up anytime during the day. They are also a yummilicious way to satisfy cravings, and get more greens and fruits into your day. Pick one or more items from each section, and blend with ice. These are just some ideas to get you […]



Years ago, when there was a time change, we would change the time manually, but not by pushing a button. There was a tactile involvement required; we moved the hands gently into position, or we gingerly pulled the tiny metal knob on our wristwatch, just until we heard that click indicating we could now rotate […]