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If you or a loved one are suffering from the ills of depression, reach out for help! As a holistic nutritionist, I specialize in finding the root cause of your health condition and treating it with nutrition. I also look closely at the emotional components of illness, whether its origin is physical or mental. Counseling […]


Change your Diet!

Although some research has produced mixed results,1 double-blind trials have shown that food allergies can trigger mental symptoms, including depression.2 3 People with depression who do not respond to other natural or conventional approaches should consult a nutritionist, like myself to diagnose possible food sensitivities and avoid offending foods. Restricting sugar and caffeine in people […]


The Good News:

Depression and Anxiety can be managed just as well – if not better with nutrition. For example – did you know that brown rice can help heal depression? There are also a whole host of supplements that can help! Eicosapentaenoic acid (ethyl ester [E-EPA]) These oils are very high in omega-6 fatty acids, but the recommended […]


The Problem with Medications:

There is no doubt that modern medicine has made astronomical advances in recent decades. Our diagnostic medicine has improved, therefore less people succumb to common illnesses like colds, measles and chicken pox, but outside of that- if you look around, you will see America is a pretty sick country. In fact, out of 40 of […]



Hello everyone! I’m Christie Korth your favorite, fun-loving holistic nutrition expert, author, and founder and director of Happy & Healthy Wellness Counseling. My mission today is to permanently change your relationship with soda. Why is your relationship with soda so important? We know Coca Cola took the cocaine out of Soda almost a hundred years […]