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I have been traveling non-stop for the past few months as opportunities were awarded to me that I just couldn’t turn down.  And you know how much I love to travel!!  These incredible trips have all been true learning experiences.  One of the benefits of being an experienced traveler is that I have a lot of practical experience to offer my clients.  I think of the trips as “research” in order to help my clients get the most from their vacation dollars.  But believe me, no one has to twist my arm!

One of the tips I can pass on to my clients is to consider the “timing” or calendar when booking a vacation.  A recent trip I was on happened to coincide with local May Day Celebrations.  May Day falls on May 1st and is an ancient spring festival and usually treated as a public holiday in many cultures.  This meant that the city center in Budapest that we were supposed to be exploring was completely shut down to traffic and we could not get into that city to see any sites.  Banks, attractions and shops were closed.  It was very disappointing and in the future I will make it a priority to advise all my clients to be aware of this type of “calendar” event.

I’ve also been noticing a very exciting technology trend that is showing up on cruises and specifically on my Scenic River Cruise trip to Europe.  You are given a GPS-activated “Tailor-made” device which allows you to independently listen to directions and commentary whenever you’d like.  A Scenic Tailor-made app can be downloaded for free on your Smartphone, or you can take one of their pre-loaded devices.  This is truly touring at your own pace.  Complimentary electrical-assisted bicycles are available which include special mounts to hold your personal GPS-guided tour system.  I was very impressed by the freedom this entitles you and my other travelers felt this was at times a vast improvement over using conventional local tour guides.  And one more note about the Scenic River Cruise, the food was outstanding!  You really needed to use those bikes after the wonderful meals they provide to you.

When I started to write travelblogs about my trips, it was really to help me remember my own experiences and memories.  But as I write this latest travelblog, I realize how happy it makes me to pass on good information and hopefully some of the passion I feel as a traveler.  Travel is our life and excellent customer service is our strength.  Give Chris and myself, at Cruise Planners American Express, a call to find out the latest travel deals and weigh in with your best travel tip on our comment section or on our FaceBook page.  I might just use it in my next travelblog! Happy Travels!!!  Call us at (631) 893-4232 for any of your travel needs or email to skorte@cruiseplanners.com

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