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Are They Feeling “Emotionally Heard?”

What is actually going on when your clients, co-workers, or family members keep repeating the details about how they have been wronged by someone else? One strong possibility is that they are not feeling “emotionally heard” by you. Therefore, your advice, your solution to the problem, your legal instructions, or your financial guidelines cannot be […]


Why do we dip our big toe in the cold pool and then quickly withdraw our foot, taking a few steps back? Why do we repeat the same strange dance a few moments later? Will that method really get us used to the water so that we can swim, enjoy, and feel refreshed? Can we […]

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"You're as Beautiful as You Feel"

I’m still exhilarated from experiencing “Beautiful,” the Carole King Musical on Broadway yesterday. The incredible music that magically touched my soul is not the only aspect of the performance which is causing me to feel this way.  A powerful factor in my excitement is that her story completely brings to life the exact concept that […]

We Can Learn to Love Again

  When are we ready to date again after a divorce or breakup? I’ve heard this question asked in earnest hundreds of times from clients and workshop participants. I wish I could tell you that there’s a traffic light that turns green and gives you a clear signal – go! The decision to get out there […]

The Great Love Debate

So, as a well-known Dating and Life Coach, I’m going to be speaking on the expert panel at “The Great Love Debate Comes to NYC” and I need to say something profound, right? Something thought provoking, creative, show stopping, ground breaking, correct? Yes, something to send singles home with the inspiration that they need to […]

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Fly Tandem with Mediation and Coaching – An Interview with Heidi Bernstein-Krantz, Divorce Coach

People often ask me what the difference is between coaching and mediation? How can they work together? I have invited Coach Heidi to tell us in her own words how divorce coaching and divorce mediation can help people get through this very difficult process… Continue here: http://safianmediation.com/fly-tandem-with-mediation-and-coaching-an-interview-with-heidi-bernstein-krantz-divorce-coach/