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How to Fall in Love with Yourself

I’ve been noticing an intriguing phenomenon with my individual clients as well as with my groups who are going through various phases of divorce. When I encourage participants to identify positive traits that they possess, the activity initially feels very uncomfortable, difficult, and sometimes almost impossible. However, there is an amazing shift that clients experience […]

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How to Get Infected With the “E” Factor for Dating

During my workshops and seminars, as well as with my individual clients, we talk a lot about projecting confidence and positivity in order to enhance dating success. These qualities are enormously important in drawing potential partners to us. But there’s another crucial ingredient in attracting dates and holding their interest through that first awkward phone […]

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New Year: Plan for Love

I’m always amazed by how we meticulously formulate carefully thought-out plans for every aspect of our lives; including our careers, our education, our parenting, even our vacations. But when it comes to our love lives, certainly an enormously important aspect of our existence, we sort of get carried along randomly with the current of the […]