The Great Love Debate

love debate

So, as a well-known Dating and Life Coach, I’m going to be speaking on the expert panel at “The Great Love Debate Comes to NYC” and I need to say something profound, right? Something thought provoking, creative, show stopping, ground breaking, correct? Yes, something to send singles home with the inspiration that they need to bring the love into their lives that they desire. But there’s one extremely simple and basic phrase, actually a question, that captures it all for me, and I can’t seem to get it out of my head…


Here it is in a nutshell: Let’s get off automatic pilot now and breathe into the courage of asking ourselves the following question regarding our love lives, “How is my approach working for me?” If the answer is “well,” that’s beautiful, carry on. If the answer is different than that, it’s time to take a look at our core beliefs.  All of us human beings love to cling to our views, our thought patterns, our understanding of people, our definitions, and our neat categories. Way down deep inside, each one of us thinks we’ve got it all completely figured out.


Well, let’s draw strength and support from each other and let’s challenge some of those beliefs that may be keeping us in our own isolated prisons.  Let’s ask ourselves that one powerful question, “How is my approach working for me?” Then let’s listen carefully to our own answers and begin to break out of our comfort zone, one belief at a time, one baby step at a time; no more excuses.


Who’s in for “The Great Love Debate Comes to NYC?” Let’s show up with open minds, ready to integrate some new perspectives into our dating belief system. Let’s truly listen not only to the expert panel, but to each and every audience participant, particularly of the opposite sex, and let’s begin to change things up, OK?


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