Everyone wants to become more than what they are. They look to leaders for the qualities they desire in their own lives. Although no two managers possess exactly the same personality or management style, effective managers share unique qualities that allow them to produce beneficial results for themselves and their people. Consider how the development of the following success qualities brings out the best in yourself and others.


Managing With Goals – Based on the Company vision, effective managers clearly define their goals in writing and visualize them vividly. They review them continually, communicate them clearly and strive to achieve them intensely with a purpose.


Motivating Themselves – Effective managers are self-motivated leaders who perceive possibilities, see work that needs to be done, get started and follow through. They obtain feedback from others and then act but believe in themselves while trusting their decision making skills.


Taking Risks – Effective managers face challenges and take immediate action to resolve them. They understand that one who never risks, never achieves. They devise creative ways for reaching their goals to overcome problems with confidence and determination.


Organizing Their Time – Effective managers establish clear priorities to use their time and the time of their people wisely. They consciously schedule time and delegate tasks to carefully selected team members. They help others successfully complete tasks delegated to them.


Believing In Others – Effective managers believe all team members are capable, creative and intelligent. They utilize their talents and skills while expecting top quality work but are careful to treat people courteously as well as fairly with tact and respect.


Understanding Others – Effective managers achieve results through the activities of other people. They take into consideration the unique personality of each individual and utilize the appropriate leadership style to each situation. Understanding people saves time, prevents problems and increases productivity for all.


Encouraging Others – Effective managers encourage their people to succeed. They help team members develop self confidence and promote a positive attitude. They offer praise for jobs that are done well and give their people credit for individual successes as well as for their contributions to the overall success of the organization.


Developing these positive qualities brings out the best in yourself and in others !


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