Impact+ Travel Enables You To Make A Difference

Cuba-woman_yellow-wall-2-1300x700For me, travel has always been about discovery and personal growth.  That’s why I’m very excited to tell you about an opportunity to transform how you travel, to not just discover new places and people, but to engage in communities and actually make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.  Impact travel, pioneered by Fathom™, the newest brand in the Carnival Corporation family, is a whole new category of cruise travel: it’s travel with purpose and “travel with heart”.

Impact travel to the Dominican Republic gives you the opportunity to build community with like-minded travelers, become immersed in another culture, and work alongside local people to create long-lasting social impact. After you sail from Miami, your time on board will be an adventure too, as experts in the local culture prepare you to make the maximum impact during your time on the ground.  In the Dominican Republic, you’ll be partnered with established impact organizations with strong community connections.  You’ll meet the people of these communities and immerse yourself in their culture.

People + Passion + Partnership = Enduring Social Impact
Community involvement programs include assisting people with English language learning, small business entrepreneurship, and creative arts, music, and sports.  You’ll come home seven days later knowing that, for the people whose lives you’ve just touched, the world has become a little brighter because of you.

Coming in 2016 – CUBA!
Beginning in 2016, Fathom will begin cultural exchange voyages to multiple locations in Cuba, including Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba, in order to enable more people to experience Cuban society.  As with other Fathom trips, your on-board journey will include an orientation to the country’s history, customs and culture, including guided sessions with the Fathom team to share your insights, ideas, and opportunities about the future of cultural exchange travel to Cuba. On shore, you’ll put that orientation to good use as you get involved in people-to-people experiences that include a variety of cultural, artistic, educational, and humanitarian activities.

If you would like to take a journey of a different kind that you can be proud of for a lifetime, give us a call at Korte Travel, Cruise Planners, at 631-893-4232 and we will start planning your impact travel to the Dominican Republic or Cuba!

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