Confidence: The Most Powerful Tool in the Box!


The Most Powerful Tool in the Box!

  On days when my confidence feels spot on…I feel  unstoppable! My smile is contagious, more people open up to me, my sales surge, my ideas flourish, I get mammoth tasks accomplished and I have more time for helping others.

Some days it’s a challenge to conjure up that valuable asset! Now that I know its attainable; it’s free, it’s powerful and it’s the light I need to shine-I fight for it!

We All have strengths and weaknesses. If we focus on our strengths, we can overcome any of our weaknesses! A great example of this includes a video that was sent to me a few weeks ago about a favorite student of mine: Adam Reed.

Adam stands 4ft. 5inches. He weighs 95 lbs. and plays varsity football at American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. As a special education teacher, I had the privilege to work with Adam in elementary and middle school as his reading teacher. This was his least favorite subject. Yet, this child had a contagious smile everyday! He was the first to offer help to those in need. He didn’t allow his learning challenges stop him from earning those A’s and B’s.   Adam has incredible posture from lifting weights. He has a positive attitude and he’s goal-driven. Even the year I had him first period, he was energized and positive. His mom taught my son one year in elementary school, and it was apparent that he had great support! None of Adam’s disabilities will keep him from doing the things he loves. His secret weapon: CONFIDENCE!

What if we don’t have that kind of support? What are some ways we can channel our confidence?

We can take concrete actions to improve our competence and self-image every day by taking pride in ourselves, and staying true to who we are. We all have strengths to carry us through.

Tiny steps like waking up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to put a little more effort into our grooming and dressing can be a huge improvement for our self-image. Starting the day with a glass of water and a gratitude list can aid in feeling good.

Setting our intensions and goals for the day truly add to bringing them to fruition. I know when I feel “I can” and “I am”- I get out there and give it my best shot! I have come to a place where I believe if something doesn’t work out, that there is a bigger plan. Sometimes rejection is God’s Protection. I try to shift my thoughts this way, and it empowers me to go to the next client, task or challenge.

If I need additional motivation I will google positive icons that move me like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Joel Olsteen and Robin Sharma. I’ll watch a video or listen to a youtube while I’m getting ready. I’ve driven to work listening to Louise Hay’s 101 affirmations instead of the radio. Or you can try her  idea of “mirror talk” by actually telling yourself in the mirror (while your applying make-up or shaving) how beautiful, handsome, confident and amazing you are! With the idea that our words become our thoughts, and our thoughts become our actions-this truly helps to get some swag going!

Exercise is a great ingredient for confidence. I choose Hot Bikram Yoga because I need direction, consistency and a good sweat. If time is a factor, there are three minute youtubes for abs, glutes – just about anything! Choosing the stairs or walking when possible keeps our heart rate up.

Music inspires me. I love to sing by myself off key-I laugh at myself-it’s definitely not a strength of mine! Just to be in that free child state of mind is comforting.

Practicing and learning something new can spark our confidence levels. It could be as simple as following the “Tips” App on your smart phone to taking a class-knowledge is power!

When we help others we feel better about ourselves. There is actual collective data that shows that those who volunteer have lower stress levels than those that don’t.

Confidence is sexy! It’s attractive! It comes from the inside thoughts we have about ourselves. It’s what makes stars shine! Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening!

I love an affirmation that was posted yesterday on our timetoplay Facebook page: First Love Yourself :“FLY”. 

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