The Bitter Pill of Dissatisfaction


During this stage in my life, I’m rapidly shedding behaviors, thoughts and responses that don’t serve my intention of maintaining and sustaining an internal foundation of happiness – regardless of my external circumstances. This shedding of worn out, destructive behavior, is a welcome change from how I used to live. Honestly, I was emotionally worn out. I needed to make a shift in order to find the peace in mind I longed for. It’s really very simple – when my priorities changed, my life changed. Over a period of time, I chose to make my internal well-being the only focus of my attention.

Recently, I experienced an ongoing feeling that has challenged me for decades. This feeling does not mix well with my present daily focus of maintaining well-being (aka happiness). That feeling is, the feeling of dissatisfaction. I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived most of my adult life feeling dissatisfied with one thing or another. Yes, it was time to “feel” a different feeling and shed the lousy feeling of dissatisfaction once and for all.

Have you ever thought about where the feeling of dissatisfaction originated? We were not born with the concept of dissatisfaction. No, we were not born with this destructive (in my opinion) useless emotion. We all were fortunate (jk) enough to learn, accept and embrace this cancerous feeling of dissatisfaction as “normal”. I could spend a week listing ALL the things I can remember feeling dissatisfied about. What about you? I compiled a short list below, in no particular order, of what I used to feel dissatisfied about.
Weight – Looks – Bank Account – Getting Older – Time – Circumstances – Job Co-workers  Marriage – Divorce – Mother and/or Father – All relatives – Boyfriends Girlfriends – Husband (Sorry Steve-O) – Birthdays – Holidays – Traffic – Weather – Vacations – Fitness Level – Responses (from other people) – Haircut (yes, I said haircut), blah blah blah!

In a prior newsletter I discussed the Law of Attraction. When I began to really understand and accept the Law of Attraction as a real force, I was compelled to make necessary changes in my life. I’d like to remind you that the Law of Attraction is actively working regardless of whether or not you believe it does. You will continue to attract more reasons to be dissatisfied, until you stop and change your perspective about what is really happening in your life.
Can Satisfaction Be Guaranteed?
Look in the mirror and ask yourself – do you like and accept what you have, or, is your attention focused on what you don’t have? How do you feel about YOU today? Can you look in the mirror and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in what you see? Can you feel satisfied with who you are? Can you feel satisfied with what you have accomplished? Is it even possible to feel satisfied about everything in your life? I say YES! And now, I will share how.
The higher your level of awareness is, the more likely you’ll feel satisfied with who you are, where you are, your circumstances and your experiences. Yes, my friends, feeling satisfied is an inside job. No amount of money or external things can bring you the internal feeling of satisfaction you seek. Satisfaction begins and ends inside of you.
How do You Raise Your Level of Awareness?

I’m glad you asked.There are several ways to raise your level of awareness and I will share a few of my favorites.

No. 1
Know, without a doubt that you are not alone. In every moment of your life, you have access to an energy force that creates worlds! You are the physical extension of that energy force. And you are just as powerful.

 No. 2
Whenever you feel “out of whack” ask the Universe for guidance and then, breath and RELAX. When you ask it is always given. (Side-bar: I’m not talking about asking for things, I’m talking about asking the Universe for peace in mind.) When your priority is peace in mind, there’s nothing that will have the ability to shake your world. Nothing.

No. 3
Make a commitment to be different than you have been in the past.

No. 4
Announce, out loud, that your heart is open and is willing to accept all that is given. As your mind, heart, and body become more open, you will begin to feel different. You will begin to know what it’s like to live in an open, flowing state of being, instead of living in an unconscious state of old habits and patterns.

No. 5
Announce, out loud, that you love your life! Accept all experiences and accept that the Universe does not make mistakes – regardless of how anything “appears”.

No. 6
Ask the Universe to keep you focused on the present moment and release the rest. Begin to focus on your marvelous, spectacular daily journey, and not the outcome.

No. 7
Love is patient and love is kind. Learn to be patient and kind with yourself. Become your own best friend.

Remember, whatever you’ve learned, you can unlearn!

There are two ways of being rich. One is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied and in love with what you have. ~Unknown



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