Retirement Income Shortfalls

If you're lucky, your expected income sources will be more than enough to fund even a lengthy retirement. But what if it looks like you'll come up short? Don't panic--there are probably steps that you can take to bridge the gap. A financial…

3 new realities of retirement

3 new realities of retirement Think about your parents' retirement for a minute. Their lives most likely look a whole lot different than their parents'. Your grandfather probably stopped working the very day he turned 65. He and your grandmother…

Fly Tandem with Mediation and Coaching – An Interview with Heidi Bernstein-Krantz, Divorce Coach

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People often ask me what the difference is between coaching and mediation? How can they work together? I have invited Coach Heidi to tell us in her own words how divorce coaching and divorce mediation can help people get through this very difficult…

Myth busters: Bible Edition!

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EQUIPPING BELIEVERS TO DEFEND THE HISTORICITY, VALIDITY, AND RELIABILITY OF THE BIBLE: There have been various myths that I have been approached with regarding the Bible which I wanted to address.  Let's get right into it! Myth: "The Bible…

tip of the day

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Make sure your sunblock is at least SPF15( thats a total block) and make sure it hasn't expirepd  check that the date is current before you apply it !

Ask Michael

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  Back to School time to Be Extraordinary! Here's what you need to look your best for Fall. First, lets get your skin cleansed toned and moisturized. The Summer plays Havoc with your skin. You need to address Sun damage . Summer Sun dries…

Are You Organized?

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I just started to organize my “stuff”. Over the years, between taking care of my kids, being a caregiver for my Mom, various life events, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and taking care of everyone else’s stuff, I let my stuff pile up. Most…

Did you ever get so excited about something that you wanted to tell the world?

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My last blog brought you into my thought process of why it was important to me to be one of the contributors to the Time to Play book, What I know now that I wish I knew then. Let me just say that my excitement about this book brought me an…