Are You Organized?

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I just started to organize my “stuff”. Over the years, between taking care of my kids, being a caregiver for my Mom, various life events, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and taking care of everyone else’s stuff, I let my stuff pile up. Most of my papers and mail wound up in bags to sort through later, even my checking statements and bills. I always knew when my credit card payments were due, knew how much was in my checking account, and I was extremely appreciative of phone-in payments.

Even with all of my disorganization, I still managed to take control of my health, eat better, exercise, lose over 100 pounds, and start a business.

A few months ago, I won a raffle at an event, which included 3 hours of professional organizing. After that session, I hired her to come back. All of my clothes have now been sorted through, I have a system to put them away, AND I have developed a sorting system for papers which is allowing me to get rid of those bags. As a result, my house has better energy, I feel more creative, and I can find things easily.

Ironically, this is what I do for people; I organize them so they can make healthy behaviors an easy part of their life, so they are set up for better health. I didn’t make the comparison until now, and it made me realize that I organized “me”. I developed a plan, and changed my mindset. I decided I was tired of feeling tired and sick, and I wanted to avoid disease in my body, and live the best, healthiest life that I could.

Sometimes I felt overwhelmed by all my “stuff”. I know that my clients can feel overwhelmed by making changes to their diet, and trying to add exercise into their life. That is what I’m really good at doing – helping individuals to organize themselves, so they can be healthier. Working on my papers and clothes, I wasn’t good with, but hiring someone helped me to be so much better at it.

It’s okay when you realize that maybe you need help in certain areas. It can feel daunting to do it alone, or maybe you try, but you never get the best outcome. Believe me, I tried to get rid of those papers, but without a system, I was only making more work for myself, and never really achieved results until now.

Pay attention to your needs, hire someone to help you if you need it, and always remember to give yourself a big hug!

If you have any questions on how to fit “healthy” into your life, send me an email or call me, 631-793-1945.

Much love, health and happiness,

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