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Back to School time to Be Extraordinary!
Here’s what you need to look your best for Fall.
First, lets get your skin cleansed toned and moisturized.

The Summer plays Havoc with your skin.
You need to address Sun damage . Summer Sun dries out your skin, lets make sure your cleanser , toner and moisturizer are right to repair, protect and maintain your skin.
The first step is Always cleanse the skin .
To do this make sure you are using what is the right formulation for your skin
Do you know your  skin type? Are you  ,Oily, Normal, Dry? Is your skin sensitive ? Combination?

Do  you know how to test to know what type your skin is?

Most people don’t think about it? But do you wanna really Be your Most Extraordinary? Well I want to help you.

If you’ve been reading  my column or you are already my client you know  I can read your skin.

Here is how I do it  .

 I first look at the skin if its Oily that’s simple, the skin will appear shiny .Does your skin break out easily ? Usually the oily skin type is suseptable to acne  and  needs to be treated with  cleansers and Toners which will not strip the skins delecate acid mantle and upset the skins  ph levels. But

Something you should understand ,oily skins need  some alcohol to help them cleans properly.

The Summer sun has made you skin drier . As the tan and sun effects fade the skins oils will resume their normal , pattern .We’ve all heard it “My Skins always better in the Sun” . So here is how to maintain those levels  the cleanser should be oil free and designed not to irritate the oily skin so as not to cause it to secrete excess oils  .The Oily skin also needs a gentle lightweight cleanser ..that sounds like a contridiction ,but if the cleanser is too strong the skin will secrete excess oils. This will usually cause breakouts  particularly around the nose farehead .this will also cause the cheeks to be too dry and therefore cause an excess of oils in this area as well… 

As I stated earlier the oily skin needs a some alcohol to assist in making  sure the level of oil stays at the correct level for your skin.

Another factor is proper hydration even an oily skin needs proper moisture . This is also something  moist people don’t think about …But if the oily skin is properly hydrated the skin will produce less oil in trouble areas and the skin will look and feel fresher and appear healthier.  And healthier skin is better looking skin.

Just as the Sun wreaks havoc on the oily skin, it is equally rough on Drier skin , After all the Sun is one of the reasons the dry skin is in the condition it is in. the Sun ,Aging, Medications and Diet are all factors  for the dry skin condition.

Let’s talk about the Sun and Drier skins .

  Since the skin is already dry exposure to the sun can only make a dry skin drier

So how do I recommend we treat this .once again it starts with the cleanser .For the drier skin  it should not only be ablle to clean but pre moisturize. I rrecommend a make-up remover /cleansor which will have moisturizing properties to it.Toning a dry skin helps take away the dead loose skin cells and will aide in bringing newer fresher skins to the surface .

In both cases not only moisturizer but sunblock is vital and …Just because the Summer is over don’t stop  using Sunblock. The Skin reacts to the Sun and light in general all year long so even in the office make sure you use the sunblock to prevent “Photo aging” overlightexposed “skin is dry and tired looking

So why look like your skins tired .. look your best

   You know what I say why just look good when you can Be Extraordinary…

Hey, Got a question remember I am here to help you so 

Ask Michael,

   Thanks for spending this time with me

    Most Sincerely

Your Personal Beauty Editor

   Michael K.Waterman.
































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