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what we think we become

Time and again I realize how important it is to catch our thoughts and shift towards ones that better serve us.

Yesterday, I actually had a dream about a situation that was happening in my  life.  I am thankful to have had someone to talk to that was able to shift my perspective.

We all need someone we can talk to, otherwise those voices inside can really make up stories.  Think of a person that would be able to listen if you have a negative feeling or thought.  Someone objective who can see the “3 sides” to the situation (your side, their side and the “truth”).

Sometimes, things are not as they seem.  The belief you apply to a circumstance you are experiencing might not be what is happening at all.  That’s what misunderstandings are made of.

And, most importantly, when we keep it inside we can cause worry or anxiety or sadness or depression.

Any time we can get awareness about ourself and tools to control our thoughts — to STOP and take a moment to shut our unconscious downward spiral down — to recognize the thoughts that help us or hurt us, is an amazing thing.

This awareness is LEARNED behavior.  We are not born with the ability to have self-awareness, we learn it.

Today, try to not let the negative voices tell you stories.  Make today, your right now, what you can control, your focus.

I believe that it’s time to enjoy your life.

I believe that it is TIME to Play <3 Love, Doreen Guma

PS — for coaching for Self-Awareness, one of the 26 Emotional Intelligence skills, please call the Time to Play Foundation, 631-331-2675 or email doreen@timetoplay.com

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Doreen Guma, MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC:  Doreen holds a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Masters in Business and Policy Studies, is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Life Coach, and the author of the book, If I Knew Then What I Know Now, Our Quest for Quality of Life.

Doreen is the founder of the Time to Play Foundation, a 501c3 not for profit organization with the mission and purpose to enrich the lives of others through programs, public awareness outreach activities, events and learning opportunities that further the concept of enjoying life.  The Foundation’s website, www.TimetoPlayFoundation.org, has resources, events and articles for a person to learn what they need to know for a better life.  Contact Doreen at 631-331-2675 or email: doreen@timetoplay.com

The Foundation offers an unconventional approach in a non-threatening manner to provide solutions for the life situations that people may encounter.  Working in healthcare since 1987, and with her background in quality improvement, she has followed statistics showing our society’s current evolution to be more “sick and sad”.   She developed the Time to Play Philosophy:  you have to be happy, healthy, have money and a work / life balance for quality of life and believes everyone has the ability to enjoy life.

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