Grown Up Kids / Empty Nest is Coming

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A few months ago my son, soon to be 17, bought a 16 year old Bronco.  Nick is so proud of his truck.  He paid for most of it with money he earned.  He has cleaned it, waxed it, polished every inch.  He has been working on it with his dad and our friend Steve for weeks to get it road-ready — new brakes and other mechanical stuff.  And now it was finally time to put it on the road. 

My husband went to Motor Vehicles to register it for his birthday.  We surprised Nick with the plates, wrapped up in happy birthday paper, at a fundraiser he was working at.  He was so excited!  Jim and I had a dinner to go to.  When we arrived home, the Bronco was in the driveway with the plates on, ready to go.

On Saturday night Nick, Jim and I got into the Bronco (Nick still has his permit), and Nick drove to pick up a girlfriend to go ice skating — in HIS car.   You could feel his pride.  And we were so proud of him.

After Jim and I arrived back home, Jim whispered, “Bye, Nick”.  I realized at that time that once Nick gets his license he will really be on his own.  Nick has always been very independent.  He has worked for what he wants and he leads the organizations he is part of.  He has grown into a strong, intelligent young man ready to take on the world.  He knows what he wants to do for a career and I know he will get what he wants in life.

And, once he gets is license he will be gone — a lot.  To pursue his dreams and objectives. 

This isn’t my first experience with a child leaving the “nest”.  My oldest son lives in Manhattan where he attends college.  We are very proud of how he has adjusted to such a busy life, but this is his 2nd year and we’ve adjusted to the living arrangements. 

But now, as my second child of three is getting ready to “spread his wings” where he will be so much less dependent, I realize, sooner than later, they will all be on their own. 

The empty nest syndrome is coming. 

And, at the same time I dread it, I look forward to seeing where they go, how they grow, and what they become.

And, I am proud.

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