What is it that people want to see in the news?

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Is there something wrong with ethics or with what people want to see in the news?  Or with the news producers for entertaining stories that, perhaps, shouldn’t get attention.

So, what do we have this week?  A preacher who says you shouldn’t use Facebook because it can cause infidelity, but this man previously had a “three-some” with his wife and a young male from his congregation.  I participated in a Facebook conversation about this over the weekend where people had comments ranging from offering the man forgiveness because we are all sinners, to people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  My issue is how much attention should this be given in the news in the first place.

And, how about the “adult actress”, the new politically correct way to say “porn star”, who is suing Charlie Sheen.  Was it because he didn’t pay her for her services for the evening?  That was implied this morning during her interview on a news broadcast.  What really happened in that room?  First, no one will really know the truth, I’m sure.  Second, is it the general public’s business?  This woman is now a celebrity.  How ridiculous.  She’ll probably wind up with a multi-million dollar movie deal. 

How can we celebrate this type of lack of ethics, lack of moral character, and inappropriate behavior?  What is it we’re really looking at here, or looking to see?  I guess it started many years ago with gossip magazines like the National Enquirer and paparazzi where the celebrity scoop was showcased and people were seen at their worst times. 

Do we want to see celebrities fail?  Do we need to feel superior?  Do we need to think we are better than they are?  Or are these celebrities just people who make bad decisions sometimes like many of us do.  Maybe we need to see imperfections so we don’t feel like they are better then us.  But letting people, like the “adult actress” be in the spotlight just can’t be good.  And, you know how things go if you ever read The Tipping Point — more stories like this are sure to follow.

So. . . back to the original question.  What is it that people want to see in the news?  It is sad to know this is it.

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  1. chrissy
    chrissy says:

    It is very sad that this appears to be what people are wanting to see, but I think it is the only thing that is really being put in front of us everyday. That is why I think this website is a great place. I think everyday someone needs to hear a great story, something hopeful or happy. How did everyone feel watching the Chilean miners be rescued one by one. I cried everytime another came up just because I was so happy to see that good things can happen. Let’s not keep glorifying these people who are not actors who work hard for their success, but people with low morals looking to make big money. It is not the way life should be. I strive to be a good person and have worked hard to raise my son the same way. I hold out hope that he will see good overcomes evil, and that there is good in everyone; sometimes you just have to look harder to find it.

    So come on Doreen, get us started – tell us about the great teddy bear run this weekend and give us a heart-warming story. 🙂

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